CSA Calls Out Hilaire, Chastanet Over ‘Inappropriate’ Remarks In Land Rover Saga

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Press Release:–  The St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) has taken note of a news item reported in the media in which the Minister of Tourism – Dr. Ernest Hilaire in responding to a question posed by a news reporter said that the former Acting Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Peter Chiquot should be fired immediately.

The CSA believes that such a statement is inappropriate and should not have been made by the Minister in the circumstances.

CSA acknowledges the right of the Minister to seek remedies in the appropriate quarters if he believes that he suffered personal injury, however, considers this public call for the dismissal of Mr. Chiquot to be highly offensive to all public officers. Dr. Hilarie is urged to reflect upon his statement and take corrective action as deemed necessary.

The CSA has also taken note of inappropriate remarks made by the Leader of the
Opposition targeting the current acting Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Sherman
Emmanuel in relation to the decision to withdraw charges previously laid against
Dr. Hilaire.

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CSA is equally concerned that those statements may have brought the Office of the Comptroller of Customs into disrepute, bearing in mind that the Acting Comptroller is empowered by the law to make decisions in matters of this nature.

There are well established guidelines and procedures for dealing with alleged acts of misconduct by public officers, which includes the right to due process and the CSA will not tolerate any attempt by any politician to influence or undermine the role of the Public Service Commission in carrying out its disciplinary function.

The operations of the Public Service must be guided by the principles of neutrality and
non-interference by politicians and the CSA regards the statements and inferences
being made to be totally out of order.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I would like to see the same statements made with regards to Mr. Wayne Charlery of the RSLPF. I believe that he has been tormented and attempts made to defame the gentleman’s character.

  2. Tessa, you surely must be joking asking for what you call the silly land rover issue to be put to rest, You obviously do not understand the implications of this matter which seems to be way above your intellect. So leave it alone. We cant have one law for some and another law for others, If the land rover matter had taken place under the UWP you would have been howling for people to be jailed. You cannot be condoning fraud, Tessa. .

  3. The realistic factor is that St. Lucian keep voting for kids years come and goes they await their elected opportunity to display their kiddish attitude fighting for candies. Lucian politics cannot decompose at deglow

  4. All of St. Lucia should be white hot angry with the corrupt arrangement surrounding the controversy of the importation involving the Land Rover, the Hilaire Affair. Hilaire’s remarks clearly show his disdain and callous disregard for the ordinary citizens of St. Lucia. A strong leader would have asked him to retract those divisive and unfortunate words with alacrity. Mr. Pierre doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to do so.

    If this sort of utterly despicable rhetoric or disrespect is meted out to the citizens of St. Lucia again, by any minister of government, they should be sent packing via a petition combined with vigorous demonstration. This arrogance, disrespect, animus must not be tolerated.

  5. The question about the land Rover, because tax was not paid.
    What about the Soufriere foundations money charge?

  6. @Kev, ok, take a break and glad that you can behave just like the flambeaus and say just what they said when UWP is in power, only goes to show that both parties are the same. Thanks for that.

  7. I really don’t know what people want. If the statement had called only Hilaire, the SLPees would be saying “You see, so what’s about what Chastanet said?” If the statement had called only Chastanet, the UWPees would be saying “You see, so whats about what Hilaire said?” A fair and balance comment is made and people are cursing the CSA. Looks like stupidity will never end in this land.
    Now, I agree that what Hilaire said should be of greater concern. It is very serious when a sitting Minister of government that decides who sits on a Public Service Commission can make such bold threatening statements. But by now all St. Lucians should know about the arrogance of Hilaire – the man that believes that St. Lucia and the SLP owes him everything he wants. the truth is that Hilaire has never achieved any position without the SLP helping him. Even when he went to W.I. Cricket it was because of Hunte’s influence. That man is bad for the SLP.
    On the other hand, while Chastanet’s comments were not threatening, he needs to be careful and understand that he holds a big position of influence as a party leader and Leader of the opposition. One understand that he feels Hilaire should pay for his indiscretions but drawing a public servant into their battle is not the way to go.

  8. CSA please focus on us, your members who are paying a monthly fee for your services instead of the politicians who are not paying CSA a monthly fee. Thank you. Why didn’t CSA come out earlier to comment? Is it a reaction now because of what was said by the Leader of the Opposition whereas you do comment on statemens by the present PM? I did ot hear a word from CSA in support of the other Comptrollers and the $$$$ promised to members concerning tax refund and more…

  9. Way to go for CDC in addition to the waiver, the government will issue cable TV and wifi, a $500 bursary to first form students, reintroduction of the laptop programme and the facility fees payment for secondary school students…. Nice ….can we please also focus on why WASCO doesn’t have enough pressure to supply daily water to customers in Cap Estate? Please HELP WASCO, Supply better service to Cap an the entire island with Cabot and this Lucia hotel I mean come ON!….. SMPH please invest in more pump houses to provide WASCO with better PRESsURE To supply WATER to your people!

  10. Hil air rape the cash cows and stupidity rules under the UWP. However SLP try to call out his delinquency so now deal with it

  11. So CSA in order to issue a statement you had to involve Chastanet….smdh. Additionally why not ask he liar to withdraw his statement and apologize??? Isn’t that what you normally do???….CSA SLP mem

    You’ll didn’t call out Pierre while on opposition when he was telling all his lies????!! Bunch of jokers!!!

  12. I think St Lucia has bigger fish to fry than all this back and forth about this silly land rover. This land rover saga needs to be put to sleep by the media and by those involved for once and for all. St Lucia has more pressing matters to be dealt with like child poverty, the spate of shootings over the past few months and the list goes on. There is blood shedding all over St Lucia but we do not hear any back of forth about it. Every minute of the day is this land rover, land rover crap! Really sick of it.

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