CSA Issues Ultimatum To Government Negotiating Team

Members of the the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) have issued an ultimatum to the Government Negotiating Team (GNT), in respect of delayed negotiations for the period 2016-2019.

The ultimatum came in a March 11, 2019 letter to GNT Secretary, Sheila Imbert, from CSA General Secretary, Claude Paul.

The letter noted that CSA members have requested that the GNT provide a response for the recommencement of negotiations for terms and conditions no later than Thursday, March 14, 2019.

It warned that failure  to respond within the deadline and provide a date as requested will cause the union to consider ‘alternative means of resolving this impasse.’

“It is our view that negotiations should resume without further delay during the week beginning March 18, 2019,” Paul wrote.

He observed that at an emergency meeting Monday, members of the CSA  voted unanimously for a recommencement of negotiations with the GNT.

Paul wrote that the members therefore rejected the notion of a lump sum payment.

“The CSA notes that  its last meeting with the GNT was held in August 2018 and that the GNT unilaterally suspended the negotiation process,” the CSA General Secretary stated.

CSA members on Monday defied the Ministry of the Public Service, turning out in their numbers for the emergency meeting called by their union to discuss the status of negotiations with the government.

The ministry had written to the CSA advising that union members could not be given time off to attend the gathering, a decision the union described as an attempt to frustrate civil servants.

Teachers also turned out en masse Monday to discuss the state of negotiations with the government.

Prior to the gathering of the teachers, the Ministry of Education announced the cancellation of classes for the day.

However, several teachers and civil servants called in sick Tuesday in an apparent move to register their displeasure over the status of negotiations with the Allen Chastanet administration.



  1. Private sector workers are exploited in St Lucia security guards working for 4:25 cent an hour working 12 hour shifts at the Owen king hospital and every hour they have to call a Jamaican supervisor call Blackwood to say all correct

  2. You mean to tell me that this is the government we voted in? However some of us are happy, while some of us are not! Lord put a hand!

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