Sunday, November 17, 2019

CSA ‘Perplexed’ Over Non-Payment Of CCC Employees

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) is ‘perplexed’ over the failure of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), to pay its monthly paid workers their November salaries on time, CSA General Secretary, Claude Paul has said.

“We have had complaints from our members at the CCC suggesting that they have not been paid,” Paul disclosed in an interview on Thursday afternoon.

He told St Lucia Times that generally the employees are paid at the same time as government employees about the 27th or 28th day of the month.

However the CSA General Secretary explained that up to Thursday about 1.00 PM, information was that the CCC monthly paid workers had not received their salaries.

Paul said when he contacted the CEO of the CCC, Wilfred Pierre on Tuesday, Pierre indicated that the matter would have been resolved by Thursday.

Paul said it appeared that this had not happened.

“I am disappointed because the daily paid workers represented by another union were paid, but the monthly paid workers represented by the CSA were not paid,” the CSA General Secretary told St Lucia Times.

He noted that Wilfred Pierre is a member of the CSA and a trustee of the trade union.

“So why would he make a decision not to pay the monthly paid workers? It leaves you to wonder.”

Paul said the CSA is very disappointed as it is known that the CCC is preparing to carry out several activities, including those for national day.

“We remain perplexed since you can be involved in all sorts of activities, so why can’t you pay the workers? What is your problem?” He inquired.

Paul observed that the CCC monthly paid employees have monthly commitments and are charged by the bank when salaries are late.

“Nobody is saying anything to them and they are left in uncertainty. Will they get paid tomorrow? We don’t know. We continue to monitor the situation,” the CSA General Secretary told St Lucia Times.

The CSA represents some 25 monthly paid workers at the CCC.



  1. Bro we still in November, paul you seem to want to get your name out there, you keep talking and popping up, and the media allows it

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