Wednesday, September 28, 2022

CSA President Welcomes Promised Salary Hikes, Defends Public Servants’ Job Performance

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The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) has welcomed Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s announcement that his administration will honor the former government’s promise and pay salary hikes to public servants by the end of April.

“Having to study what’s happening in the economy in terms of inflation and what is also happening in Ukraine and other countries, that came to me as welcome news,” CSA President Cyprian Montrope told St Lucia Times.

” I am sure all my members are exceedingly happy knowing that they will be able to cushion some of the inflationary measures around them right now,” he expressed.

.Montrope indicated that the decision to defer the one percent was to provide the then administration with an opportunity to save money as the country dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic and other matters affecting the economy.

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“We would have entered into that agreement in July of 2021 with the previous government and we were monitoring what was happening with the economy in terms of when it was going to improve and when the government would pay us,” Montrope explained.

He asserted that it’s not a new increase to public servants but the outcome of negotiations that were coming to an end in 2021.

“We undertook to save out jobs by not asking government for any imposition of the one percent increase at the time but to defer that until April of 2022,” the CSA President toldĀ St Lucia Times.

On the issue of potential salary hikes for others sectors, Montrope said there was a need to look at who are the drivers of the economy.

He declared that public officers are usually the first ones required to make a sacrifice and the only ones who sacrifice in hard times.

“As you would have remembered the government would have asked us to take a fifty percent cut in our pay and receive the other fifty percent in bonds. These were the first set of persons being asked to sacrifice on behalf of the entire country. So while the state if collecting tax revenue and the tax revenue needs to be spent in the public domain, the public officers are the first to be asked to take the brunt of whatever pain within the public spending first,” the CSA President declared.

As a result, he expressed that it should be good news if the government now decides to pay the public officers the increase.

The CSA official also responded to social media criticism that public officers generally perform poorly on the job and do not deserve a salary hike, asserting that the notion is global and not limited to Saint Lucia.

“That private sector is better than government – the world over has shown that there is no evidence to support that. The country grows because the public service functions effectively,” Montrope stated.

And he noted that in every institution, there would be ‘one or two’ individuals who would not pull their weight.

According to Montrope, because one person is dissatisfied with the service, everyone else in the institution is classified as non-performing.

“That is an unacceptable notion and we know that if the public service is as the public is describing it, the country would not be where it is today,” he said.

“By and large the public officers are extremely, and I want to repeat the word, extremely hardworking and dedicated workers. We know that in our midst there would be one or two who will probably fall by the wayside but in the main the majority of public officers are hardworking individuals,” Montrope told St Lucia Times.

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  1. boy Montrope you should shut your behind and take a trip to land registry to see how slow and disgusting the service is as a civilian. I am not saying this does not happen elsewhere but something should be done about these individuals and the way they want to run things and those that dont want to pull their weight they should be REMOVED.

    also you will always be biased and defend some of your lazy staff, you guys removing all your good staff that can make the department flow and you replacing them with newbees that dont even want to lift a pencil. this is not about one person being dissatisfied and then classing the entire institution as non performing there are lots of people that are dissatisfied especially with the ridiculous long waits even precovid and they are saying noting, also it is about an accumulation of dissatisfaction at certain intuitions accumulated over the years.

    You calling these damn GOV offices to just ask a simple question no one is there to pick up the phones most of the time but then people will say to social distance cause it is covid times. How can you even do that when you dont pick up the phones now leaving people with no choice to walk to these places in person.

  2. Who will help Cook the food !
    Answer ! Nobody !
    But when the food cooks, everyone wants. That is why someone was given dogmeat (meatballs)…..
    I have heard and felt the pains of those poor employees with anguish in their hearts, pleading for a maximum increases wages in line with fair work (labour)
    But yet there are some parasite which oppose them, where as it is for the benefits for everyone !
    Please let us lay aside all hypocrites and let us clothes with humility and love, that on one may deprived from the grace of God.

  3. Montrope you spoke like the government is doing us a favour by giving the increase. We have fought hard for this and deserve it and by law they were required to do it.

  4. Padna ou sans haut. You can fire most of the public service and you will see no difference in effectiveness.

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