Wednesday, February 19, 2020

CSA Seeks Response From PM On Duty Free Concessions For Travelling Officers

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) has expressed surprise and disappointment at the Prime Minister’s lack of response on the issue of duty free concessions for travelling officers.

In a January 14, 2020 letter to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, CSA  General Secretary, Claude Paul recalled that the trade union had written twice to him on the matter – on July 12, 2019, and August 9, 2019.

“We are indeed surprised and disappointed at the fact that you have failed to respond to the above letters for reasons best known to yourself,” Paul stated.

The CSA General Secretary explained that the members of the trade union at a recent meeting agreed to write Chastanet again, “this time by way of the attached petition seeking an audience with you to discuss this rather important matter.”

He said attached to the letter  was a list of the public servants / members of the CSA who authorised the union  to forward the request on their behalf.

(Story updated to correct typo regarding date of CSA letter)


  1. Shows the arrogance and haughtiness of this not too bright idiot of a PM. When he will want to connect and speak to the people, it will be too late. Lucians need to make Chastanet beg like a dog for their vote and still not give it to him. Pompous dummy!

  2. You mean the arrogance of the troll. This Claude need a face lift he’s very scary it should be against the law to show his face on TV

  3. The CSA has not negotiated with the gov’t in good faith. If given an opportunity, the CSA and Teachers Union would strike at the first available opportunity. Concessions for travelling officers is a favour not a right. I would be disappointed with Hon. Chastanet if he were to accede to such a request from a bunch of ungrateful partisan scum bags. In stead, if a favour is to be dished out, it should go to those senior Civil servants who show no obvious political attachment and who carry out their duties and responsibilities without political consideration. It should never be a wish of the political aspirants in the CSA and Teachers Union. Also, I have no problem with the gov’t giving ‘Lord Help Me’ concessions to buy his vehicle. He is a CSA representative who makes no bones about his allegiances. He does not pretend to be independent. He is an SLP hack full time . Claude Paul, Montrope, and Monrose on the other hand, are pretending to be neutral when everyone knows that they are party hacks in secret. Oh what a tangled web we weave , when once we practice to deceive.

  4. If they need to travel give them a plastic card that they can show to any minibuss driver and get a papper signed were he dosent have to pay,then the papper can be cashed by the bus driver in any goverment office.This will be cheaper that giving these people vehicles that they will destroy in no time,causing a loss for goverment.As private citizents use a bicicle you will live longer.Have to travel mother clunt.What makes you so special mamahuevo

  5. Wasn’t it under your reign as Comptroller that the Customs and Excise Department started going downhill because of political involvement? You were never smart. Let us use the Customs and excise department as an example. There are lots of travelling officers in the customs department are being rotated every 1-2 years. How would you deal with this? Every year a few officers will get concession on a vehicle until every officer gets one. Wait for SLP to get into to government.

  6. You have face,to ask for this,you think you special.guess its true that aliens are amongst us.Can they take a bus to travel? or do they have to have a imported vehicle.

    • U rude eh…how Lucians rude so…da man can ask for wat he want’s either yes or no…. choops…wen da pm and ministers going places travelling the world n ask for things on our tax paying money nobody eh saying nothing… choops tun…free man go exile ur thinking

  7. Even if the PM is the one advocating on all issues, without being the Minister in charge of that Ministery, that dose not give him the right to respond to any demand that dose not concern his Ministery. He have to learn to let the Ministers speak to us too!

  8. Travelling officers get a travelling allowance from government; why do they need concessions on their vehicles? What’s so special about travelling officers that they are requesting concessions? A better case can be made for mini-bus owners who I consider to be complete idiots. I have a difficulty understanding why anyone would purchase a mini-bus, pay all government duties, License and Insure that vehicle to carry passengers and then pay government for a Route Band to carry passengers who are not owned by the government. A concession to mini-bus owners who, indeed, are providing a public service is much more deserving.

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