CSA Turns 66 Years

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association celebrates 66 years as a registered Trade Union. CSA has had a long history of trade unionism and continues to grow irrespective of the dynamics and diversity of this changing environment.

In the late 1940’s a group of public officers saw the need for an organized and structured approach to effectively address the problems confronting public officers. This informal grouping took the necessary steps and actions, which led to the establishment of the St. Lucia Civil Service Association as a registered trade union on May 16th 1951.
Sixty Six (66) years later the organization stands strong, resolute, and steadfast.
Recognizing this tremendous milestone, members and the various organs of the Association must continue to play their role towards strengthening the foundation set by our forefathers.

This occasion calls for all CSA members to rally together to preserve our position as the Best Union, so that we may continue to provide benefits and protect the rights of all our members in the public service, statutory corporations and other entities we represent.

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