Thursday, September 29, 2022

Current Modality of School Operations Continues For Another Week

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Press Release:-  The Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training wishes to inform the general public that school operations will continue using the current modality for the week Monday, January 31, 2022 to Friday, February 04, 2022.

The following groups will continue with face-to- face instruction:
 Early Childhood Education Centres
 Grade 6 students
 Form 5 students
 Vocational and Tertiary Institutions

All other school groups will continue using the Distributed Learning Approach as per the
Continuity of Learning Plan.

The Ministry will continue to regularly monitor the situation and provide a further update in due course.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Let’s be real about this. You mean the school house is the only establishment subjected to operational change as a covid mitigation measure. It is just easy and politically expedient to pick on schools. Political leaders in both parties lack the guts and moral courage to stand firm in the defense of our children’s uninterrupted learning. The current modality is only widening the learning gap. The bright kids continue to do well and the struggling learners get further behind. Literacy development is a critical responsibility of schools. You can’t just have classes for testing grades. Why don’t they cancel non CXC exams due to covid interruption of learning.

  2. yes mary parents should not be accepting it but what do they do?? leave kids at home unattended….walk with the kids every where in town in corona city or bash teachers for these stakeholders decisions…..and @wise up what do the kids learn more from home at school??? surely u know is sex education

  3. In reality children learn more from home .school do t teach u common sense. It does not teach u financial wisdom ,the education system is an indoctrination of the Colonial system majorityof the businesses are own by people with little or no school education.the education system impoverish more people with their agenda they take people’s money and in return can’t even guarantee them a job after what is the fuss about….

  4. Well said @ Mary Marshall. I thought I was the only one not ok with this. The children need to be in school. This “online zoom or google school” is a farce. As a parent who observes these classes, I can say that this is ridiculous. Classes are for 4 hours, children always taking breaks, teachers saying” turn on your camera or you breaking up I can’t hear you”, students have to repeat themselves because of poor internet connection, and th list goes on.SMH…No classes on Thursday and Friday but teachers say they are available if needed. What is the Ministry really doing? This thins doesn’t make sense and needs to stop. THE CHILDREN NEED TO BE IN THE PHYSICAL CLASSROOM PLEASE!!

  5. All students need to be in school learning. This new operation is detrimental to the academic development and social/emotional learning of students. The amount of learning lost due to school closure and online instruction will not be recovered for a very long time. If the current situation has to continue, the Ministry of Education should allocate funds for remediation, accelerated learning and interventions. Parents should not be accepting the current modality.

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