Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Custody Battle On For Kimberly’s Kids

A custody battle was on Monday morning in the Family Court for the  children of murder victim, Kimberly Williams de Leon and her husband, relatives of the deceased have said.

Family Court building

One of the relatives, Alix Williams, was among a group of individuals who gathered outside the court building to await a verdict.

Williams told St Lucia Times that the custody battle between Kimberly Williams de Leon and her husband for their two young children predated the woman’s murder.

Alix Williams – Relative of Kimberly Williams de Leon

According to Williams, after Kimberly’s death, the children were put in the care of a relative.

But she disclosed that the father wants custody.

“The father wants the children,” Williams said.

Asked for her opinion on the issue, she said although she has one she preferred to keep it to herself for now.

Williams declared that she wants justice in the murder of Kimberly Williams de Leon.

“I want justice. I don’t want the matter to drag on,” she explained.

Lora, a friend of deceased, who was also present outside the court, told St Lucia Times she was there to support the children of the deceased aged 4 and 9 years.

Lora – Friend of the deceased

“Exactly where they are right now, I would like them to remain,” she asserted.

Lora said the death of their mother had been very traumatic for the youngsters.

“But they are trying to cope,” she told St Lucia Times.

The friend of the deceased said she wants to see justice served in Kimberly’s death.

“I want to see justice and I want to see justice in a hurry because to me, there is a lot of stuff that everybody knows and nothing is being done about it,” she stated.

Kimberly Williams de Leon died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

The wife of a police officer,  she was murdered at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries.

Police reported that her husband became a ‘person of interest’ due to past ‘domestic incidents’ that had been acted upon by law enforcement authorities.




  1. Ok right. This is all very funny and downright suspicious. Two weeks after her death and the husband is already seeking custody. Yes he had already been doing so from before and yes he had a right under the law but what is disturbing is that you are prepared even before the burial to fight this out in a court of law. You know full well that with her out of the way that you will automatically be granted custody. By law. Maybe that was motive enough. And next is the house. Compelling enough to suspect you you bastard.

  2. Well, from what had been reported in the media there. Is only one person with a Motive. Kimberly was married to a high ranking police officer who had made threats on her life before, known to the entire police force. She was not one to be in trouble with the law or anyone else of that matter. The incident cant be ruled out as a burglary gone bad cause there is no evidence of the house being robbed. So who is left with the desire to ex her out. Now, she has not been laid to rest and theres a custody battle over the kids.

    What is our police department doing to put this case to rest. We should advocate for an independent investigation in that case.

  3. To further traumatized the already traumatized children is unadulterated evil. The mother’s blood has not even dried and this fierce court battle over the custody of the innocent children is publicly on display. The father is the prime suspect and no matter how much this is kept from the children, they most likely already know this fact. How will they feel thinking that they share the same living quarters with the man suspected of their mother’s murder. Children are smarter than we often think. Living with the father would be torture. Even though the father may have legal rights to the custody of the children, let morality and common sense prevail.
    By the way, what’s going on with the investigations of this particular case? Justice delayed is justice denied.

    Justice For Kimberly Now!

  4. Oh boy we are living in a corrupt system the police force is part of the Babylon system most of them are members of the evil lodge and secret societies so they protect each other regardless of how many innocent people they killl as far as I am concern this police officer should be in jail for 20 years to life inprisonment

  5. So was the lady executed by a masked or unmasked gunman? Was she killed by an unknown or known assailant? Press Releases from the RSLPF on this matter seem so sanitized that the public is left scratching their heads. For example the ex-husband police officer is a “person of interest” in the matter but they have not said that he is assisting police with their investigations. Though she died from a single gunshot wound to the head were other gunshots fired? Smoke and mirrors.

  6. I find it rather strange that the killer is still walking the streets of Castries a free man.But we all know who is the suspect is justice for Kim will come he is not going to escape.I don’t trust the police the guy plan the killing that’s #1 I will end with a laugh

  7. That officer smarter than the Trinidadian Police officer that shot his girlfriend and then shot himself.

  8. The family should sue the Police Force once her husband/ex-husband is found guilty. This is gross negligence by the police. After making several complaints to the police nothing much , if anything, was done to bring relief to the complainant. In fact, once the police could verify the claims of the victim, proceedings regarding dismissal should have been carried out.
    The police are an abysmal failure in every way. This is unsurprising as they have a grossly incompetent individual as Minister of National Security.

  9. I tell you. That ex husband is heartless and has not shown any emotions but is already fighting for custody over children who are affected by such an ordeal. God will deal with that situation.

  10. Steroid Ricky said a lot of things on his program last thursday What he said totally contradicts the comisioners version,of events.So all this gets very confusing.So who do we believe ?And we still waiting for a oficial version of what really happened.Police is dragging their ass,sorry to say.Father of the children has all the rights,he is inocent till proven guilty,the children are his

  11. How can he get custody of the kids when he suppose to be in prison so what I’m gathering right now is that he will never be charge for his crime how can the court allow this when the case is not done as yet bastered u will pay for this I pray tht he dnt get the kids it won’t be healthy for them at all

  12. Please familly be honest and come out in public and say your piece,You can come on TV or use the news pappers.Stop talking behind the tree.If you want to help the children that you say are suffering.And stop the hear say guilty,be positive take action,and come out,its your duty to protect the children.If you cant do that? just close your mouths,stop talking nonsence.You are all a sad waste of time.Defend your loved ones.

  13. Sure, just like O.J. Simpson, whose wife died “suspiciously”. He was given full custody of his children. It is disturbing, man gets out of paying child support, and gets his kids.

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