Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Customs Officers planning sick-out

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Customs Officers have been planning a  two-day sickout, reliable sources have told St Lucia Times.

According to the sources, the planned two-day action on Thursday and Friday is intended to register concern over the proposed Border Control Management Authority becoming a statutory body.

Customs Officers are known to be concerned over job security, expressing fears that in the creation of  statutory body they will be forced to resign and reapply for employment in the new entity with no guarantee of employment.

Sources have told St Lucia Times that it appears that the sick-out is being organised so that Customs Officers in key departments would be absent from work over a two-day period, creating a disruption of the service.

Customs Officers have said in the past that  Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s public denial of reports that a statutory body will be created does not harmonise with a cabinet conclusion on the subject.

Published media reports have indicated that Cabinet conclusion No 247 of 2018  on April 16, 2018, approved the  establishment of the Saint Lucia Border Management Authority as a Statutory Corporation.

Chastanet  has said that the goal of the proposed new Border Control Agency is to strengthen this country’s borders.

He disclosed that as a result, there will be the integration of immigration, customs, quarantine and the Marine Police to create the new body.

The PM has said that no jobs will be lost in the creation of the new agency.

But the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) which represents Customs Officers has suggested that Chastanet lacks credibility.


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  1. Haha this Chas is crazy but it makes me laugh too. ..those Customs officers Red eye…thieves…can never have a set price on something always adding their 2 cents and with that change maybe the Serains wouldn’t b able to give them money under the table lol

  2. And you would think persons would realise this decision affects everyone of us. Less revenue in the commerce, resulting in less disposable income to finance schools, hospitals, jobs, roads subsidies etc. If i have a bread to myself to share for my 5 kids and decide ok i will give my friend that bread and tell my friend to give me half back so i can feed the same 5 kids. Sounds like a stupid move to me.

  3. So the laziest of the lazies concerned about their jobs. Perhaps if you’ll cared more about actual work there would be no need for this agency.

    • jj you sound like an idiot you wouldnt be concerned about yours? I guess we as lucians used to being told what to do. Just stay there ans take it you will get another works.. Riggght…i agree with them ..yall have yall families debt mortages student loans like every one else ..i undersrand the fight for your livelyhood

  4. The Customs Officers are duty bound to fight for their rights. This government doesn’t believe in the consultative approach. They have little or no respect for civil servants. They throw around their weight regardless of the adverse and severe consequences on people’s lives. Since this odd concoction of men and women has taken charge of the country’s affairs controversies abound. This amoral administration needs to be ousted by the electorate at the end of their first term. They are causing more pain and misery than good. Chastanet is driving the country in a bottomless ditch. Just one term and out.

  5. Chastanet refutes everything. The video about the nurses is supposed to be fake. Customs transitioning to a statutory body is fake. Yet there is documented of proof of these developments. Chastanet is living up to his reputation as a liar. You remember the case when he was a member of Cabinet and swore that he was absent when the decision on Mondesir’s concessions was taken? Cabinet minutes said otherwise. BIG FAT LIAR!

  6. We need support our fellow lucians when they fighting for their day it will be your turn and you will support.

  7. Agree guys, time to give the authorities a shake up, yes we will suffer, but it is necessary, however, we are the ones that voted them in, but they will not listen; Who feels it knows it, hope 1979 will not repeat itself, good sense will prevail!

  8. No pension no gratuity under the government. So whats the big deal. Slackness done finish. Now people habe to take the job serious. Better to work under a statutory authority. More benefits

    • No pension no gratuity i guess the civil servants should just be unemployeed as pension and gratuity equals a monthly salary.

    • Stop being an ignoramus. No country ever puts its NATIONAL SECURITY under a statutory authority. This is a matter for CENTRAL GOVERNMENT to handle. You opening the door for all kind of corruption and you know our politicians have no scruples. Whose ‘friends’ will be on the board running the statutory agency? Not these same persons will influence goods coming in on the borders? So I will turn a blind eye for my ‘friends’.

  9. SLP we will meet at the polls. That is where we will know who is in charge. Stop trying to hurt st. Lucians with you all nonsense. Let the government do its term. You all are causing to much mischief and in the process turning people off.

  10. @ORP when your job is on line I guess you will be singing a different tune. Not because it’s not affecting you that means it’s political. Once you stand up to government people believe you are being political. Should we ask St Lucians sit by and let government do as they please which ever is in power. The believe the customs department have been showing their strength no matter which government that’s in power.

  11. There is a high degree of both corruption and inefficiency in Customs. There is the overtime scam and the commission gained by officers for fining innocent members of the public. The big boys are in business with certain customs officers whilst honest traders are harassed.

    • Confused about the link between overtime …statutory bodies and fear of people losing their jobs. Can you break it down for me

    • THANK YOU! To some extent the Customs and Excise department needed an overhaul! Too much corruption and bullsh*t going on in there! Until they can prove to get their sh*t together I’m all for some sort of change. Don’t know if this will be the best solution but it’s better that what citizens have been subjected to all these years under these people.

  12. ORP, are you saying that because the custom officers will sick out as their jobs are in jeopardy this is politics? Well I fell sorry for some St Lucians who just cannot analyze.

    • @OPR Supporter…I guess Customs should forget their benefits and that would benefit You! Choops….every thing is political…whether you agree or NOT

  13. I think the PM is doing this because once there is a strike and Customs goes then the country doesn’t collect much revenue. If Customs is under a statutory body then they cannot go on strike with other civil servants. Therefore a strike will not be effective without Customs.

  14. Well Done SLUTIMES! you’ve just disclosed the officers intended actions.

    As a consequence arrangements will be made so that they will NOT BE maximum disruption.

    Thus the sick-out may not have any desired effect.

    Too quick to report!

    • 95% of the officers are not in office today… just in case you wanted to know how EFFECTIVE it really is. So that means, no revenue is being collected and the airports and sheds are barely functional. This has been your update.

    • Don’t fool yourself they tried to shut the airport last month but u know what there are sensible officers who know better and came down to make sure the operation was not interrupted. You slp sucker.

      • When government ‘d conceit and dictatorial actions threatens people’s livelihood, it’s time for the affected workers to flex their muscles. This is no time to be submissive and subservient. Too much is at stake. It’s Customs now, who’s next? Governments must not be allowed to put public servants’ livelihood in jeopardy. The people employed these Ministers of Government to add value to their lives now they are being subjected to anxiety and displacement. The entire country to support these beleaguered workers against this uncaring, insensitive administration. Everything in the country is decaying under Chastanet’s rule. This government is a colossal failure.

      • And you have made this a political thing? Idiocy is not dead I see. I hope the Civil Servants shut down the country for a week. Remind the current administration and any others to come that politicians are not gods, they are servants not masters. We will not bow to dictators, not today, not yesterday, not ever. Not KDA and not Chas.