Customs Officials ‘Detain’ Ernest Hilaire’s Vehicle

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Customs officials Thursday night ‘detained’ a vehicle belonging to Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

It’s the latest development in the long running Range Rover Sport saga.

The officials took the vehicle from the MP’s home at Rodney Bay about 9.30 pm, it has been reported.

Hilaire confirmed in an interview with St Lucia Times that the vehicle had been taken.

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The MP told St Lucia Times the Customs representatives said they were not seizing his vehicle but detaining it.

“This is bizarre in my opinion,” he declared.

Hilaire said Customs informed that it was a detention pending an inquiry.

“When asked what was the inquiry about, they said ‘It is improper importation’,” the MP said.

“Now this thing has moved from a document they said I had not given them, to now improper importation – something which I don’t even understand,” Hilaire stated.

Nevertheless, Hilaire observed that there are a lot of things which the country currently needs to put in focus.

He mentioned the widespread incidence of COVID-19 as an example, as well as the ‘alarming increase in crime.’

According to Hilaire, those are two really critical issues confronting Saint Lucians.

“As a member of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, a parliamentary representative, my party is very focused on dealing with the issues affecting the people of Saint Lucia – wastage of public funds, the arrogance and the abuse of public office. We are certainly not going to get too concerned at what they did,” he asserted.

Hilaire said he will leave the vehicle matter in the hands of his lawyers in whom he has faith.

He also said he has faith in the judicial system.

Hilaire said he will remain focused on his political work and representing the interest of Saint Lucians.

“But I can assure you that at the end of the day, somebody is going to pay a very high price for the actions of the Customs officials and the prime minister,” Hilaire warned.

He declared that he is absolutely confident that he will be vindicated.




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