Cuthbert Didier supports National Boxing

Press Release:-Castries, Saint Lucia, January 30, 2017 – Tourism Consultant and philanthropist Mr Cuthbert Didier has made a financial donation to the Saint Lucia Boxing Association (SLBA).

He presented a cheque to the SLBA President Mr David “Shakes” Christopher pledging support for the upgrade of the National Boxing Gymnasium at Vigie.

Didier says he has always been a supporter of boxing and recognises how the sport can help positively transform the lives of youth, offering them quality careers and educational opportunities. According to Didier, he decided to support the gym project after hearing of it in the news.

In receiving the cheque, the President of the SLBA expressed gratitude to Mr Didier for his timely donation which will go a long way in advancing the project.

Mr Christopher also made a clarion call to other private citizens and corporate entities that are able to make donations to this worthwhile project. He says there is no better time than now to support national boxing as our young people needs such support now more than ever.

This latest donation will be used to purchase cent and other construction supplies. It helps supplement an earlier donation from the TOGS Fund and the Gobat Family.