C&W Communications Provides Free Mobile Calling To Ukraine

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C&W Communications is assisting those trying to connect with loved ones in Ukraine by
offering free long-distance calling and texts from its Caribbean markets.

A C&W Communications release says the offer is valid for all customers across the company’s networks in the Caribbean.

According to C&W Communications CEO Inge Smidts, any act of war has devastating
outcomes on a country and its people.

“We know that our customers in the region who have loved ones in Ukraine, particularly those with children who are students pursuing courses of study, are very concerned about their safety,” the CEO noted.

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“This timely initiative will make connecting from the region easier and hassle free for our Caribbean customers and allow them to stay connected at no cost through mobile calls and texts,” Smidts stated.

Russia launched its attack in the early hours of 24 February from three main directions: north, south and east. According to the BBC, since then, troops have poured into Ukraine.

Air strikes and artillery attacks have struck targets across the country.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister said Russia was striking civilian targets, including hospitals, nurseries, and schools.

And the BBC reported that the World Health Organization has confirmed health facilities are targets.

The United Nations has said at least 350 civilians have died, although the actual numbers are probably “considerably higher.”

The world body has also disclosed that Ukraine has had the fastest refugee crisis since the second world war, with more than 1.5 million refugees reported to have crossed into neighbouring countries in 10 days.

On Saturday, international media outlets said at least 1,700 international students were trapped in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Sumy as shelling from the Russian army continued.

In addition, last week, the Jamaica Information Service indicated that 20 Jamaican students who arrived safely from Ukraine would receive professional mental health support.

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  1. While all you are in Ukrane look for Dr Hilaire tell him the Marigot Road needs urgent repairs , if he cannot do anything he better step down

  2. smart you certainly aren’t smart. there is mobile service in ukraine. there is electricity. there is running water. there is internet. unlike every other war zone i have seen. btw i have a cousin in yemen i want to call. saudi arabia has been bombing them with the US blessing for years now. I just want to see if she still alive. i have an aunt in somalia too. i heard the usa bombed them yet again a few days ago.

    • I have a few relatives there as well. 2 of them were burned alive in Odessa by Nazis in the government. 48 other people died as well. They all happened to be of Russian ethnicity and didn’t support the coup in 2014. Many of my friends in the Donbass region have been killed by the Ukrainian government and their Azov Battalion because we wanted to align with Russia. Over 13,000 since 2014. Why has the world been silent on that? We have been suffering. Bombed daily. Yet nothing. Now Putin says enough is enough and steps in to defend his people and everyone and their mother is saying he started a war. NO. He is ending it. Thank you Putin.

      • Yeah Vlad I heard Putin say about Nazis in the Ukraine government but only after the second war began… sad. Sorry about your relatives, the US media will side with Ukraine cause it has democracy now and see Putin as a threat to Ukraine.

    • I like your story its sad tho, now Saudi Arabia targeting the terrorist and Houthis in that area that have declared war on them leaving Yemen war torn and in poverty. Same thing in Somalia the Al Shabab terrorists were wreaking havoc there and their government asked US for help especially after somali pirates held some US sailors hostage once, however it putting innocent lives in danger with the US airstrikes. I see guilt on both sides with all of this

  3. This is real nonsense! Where was Cable and Wireless when the mighty bully was committing crimes in Afghanistan? Where was Cable and Wireless when the mighty bully was committing crimes in Iraq? Where was Cable and Wireless when the mighty bully was committing crimes in North Africa (Yemen)? Where was Cable and Wireless when the mighty bully was committing crimes in Libya? The hypocrisy of it all. To kill one man, the mighty bully will wipe out a whole village or even a hospital and what do they say? It was 1″collateral damage” or just “oh share, it was a mistake”. No global outcry from the west. None at all! Shame!

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