Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dallas Police Association Wants Amber Guyger Murder Trial Delayed

Dallas cops  want the murder trial of their former colleague, Amber Guyger, delayed, local media reports say.

The trial is scheduled to begin on September 23.

Guyger shot an killed the unarmed Botham Jean in his own apartment in September last year.

She claimed she mistook his apartment for hers and thought he was an intruder.

CBSDFW quotes the head if the  Dallas Police Association, Sergeant Michael Mata, as saying that the murder trial should be delayed 60 to 90 days based on safety concerns.

“I do believe that the smart thing would have been to just delay this trial,” he stated.

Mata declared that the trial will be held during a period of time when one million people will be visiting the City for its fair.

But an attorney for the Botham Jean family asserted that it appeared as though the Dallas Police Association was fanning the flames of fear.

Le Merritt  told CBSDWD he does not think there is any indication that there will be unrest or any hint of violence in the neighbourhood that would justify ‘such an extreme move’.

Merritt noted that the family of Botham Jean has been waiting for over a year to have their day in court

Officers have been denied time off and are undergoing crowd control training in preparation for the outcome of the trial which has generated a year of protests, threats and stirred up emotions on both sides, it was reported.

Twelve jurors and four alternates were recently selected for the trial.



  1. This is totally outrageous. The police are trying to interrupt the process because a black man is the victim; justice delayed is justice denied.
    Police are trained to observe and investigate, so how could Guyger not distinguish her apartment from Botham’s apt?
    Did she previously break and enter any other apt under the guise that she thought it was hers? So why Botham’s??

  2. This is outrageous. The police are trying to interrupt justice to protect their own because the victim is black.
    Justice delayed is justice denied.
    Police are trained to observe and investigate, so how could Guyger not distinguish her apt from Botham’s?
    Had she previously broken and enter any apt because she mistook it for hers?
    So why Botham’s??

  3. What interest dose the Dallas Police Ass. have in that case? Why ask for surch? The families would like to finist with that night mere!

  4. It is the Association’s right to speak in the interest of police officers. Whether. their claims are credible or not is irrelevant., however, the Courts are in charge and makes the final decision on the proceedings as each party will look to secure an advantage ahead of the trial. We on the other hand cannot infer anything into the situation because here most people were “crying out for justice for Botham” in an environment where a trial was initiated within a year. We have to let justice take its course and that includes the right of defense and support for the accused by any legitimate party.

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