Dalsan Says All Saint Lucia’s Resources Going To ‘White People’

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Former Soufriere MP, Harold Dalsan, has lamented that ‘all of the resources’ of this country are going towards ‘white people’.

He made the comments this week during an appearance on Liberty FM’s ‘Let’s Connect’.

Dalsan declared that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is not racist.

“Chastanet is not racist – Chastanet does not like black people. Let’s put it a different way, Chastanet prefers white people than black people. That doesn’t make him racist,” the former Minister for Social Transformation and Local Government asserted.

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“Because all of the resources of the country are going towards white people. Ojo Labs – a white man, Cabot – a white man, the guy who has the field – a white man, buying land for Hyatt – white people, when the poor small businesses in Saint Lucia can get nothing, no assistance,” Dalsan stated.

“You are telling me there are no Saint Lucians who can take a project to repair the fields in Saint Lucia? Ernst & Young – white people, fifteen million dollars to come and do, when the black people of Saint Lucia, the black people at the Ministry were doing it themselves.”

“And the budget was balancing. The budget was good. You pay fifteen million for a budget and the budget puts us in economic crisis every time and then they move and what do you do? You go back to the same black people in the Ministries whom you say could not do it properly,” an obviously incensed Dalson exclaimed.

“I repeat myself – the man is not a racist, but if you give him a choice between a white man and a black man he will chose a white man. That is why everywhere he goes he is taking pictures of himself ‘Look, I am one of you. I am black. I am like you, I am a Saint Lucian. The man told you, he is a product of Canada,” the former MP said.

However Dalsan noted that opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre is a product of Saint Lucia, a product of Marchand, Castries.

He said the philosophy of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is to help poor people.

Headline photo caption: Harold Dalsan

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