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Updated on May 29, 2020 4:19 pm

Dame Pearlette Louisy to resign?

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has has refused to be drawn on whether Governor General, Dame Pearlette Louisy, has been asked to resign.

Asked about the matter today, the Prime Minister observed that the Governor General occupied her current post for the past nineteen years.

Chastanet expressed the hope that she can complete her 20th year.

But he observed that it is ‘very unusual’ to have a Governor General  in position for such a length of time.

“I have had no discussion with the Governor General at this time that I am going to make public – at the end of the day the Governor General will make whatever announcement she wants at any time,” Chastanet told reporters.

He said that like most Saint Lucians, he has the greatest respect for Dame Pearlette Louisy.

However Chastanet disclosed that he will let her make whatever pronouncements she wants to make.

Dame Pearlette Louisy  is the first woman to hold the office of Governor General of Saint Lucia.

She was sworn in on September 19, 1997.



  1. I feel she should resign long time let someone else eat a bread.they should have a new goVernor general every 10 years.move that woman there please

    • Most idiotic comment ever. U really believe she will be replaced by”a younger generation ” Dream on

  2. The question is do we have someone who is able to take her place as in someone educated enough and driven to take charge and set an example the way she does or maybe even better.

    • Educated enough to cut ribbons? This is a ceremonial post and nothing more. Anyone can wear big fancy hats and wave.

    • Please GG resign. Anyone can be liable for this position it does not take much signing documents and wearing a conservative dress!! Smh..give someone else a bread..someone who DESERVES it..!! My UWP governmemt have failed me..i thank God i was out during elections..i will never cast a vote for any politician!!

  3. His father in law, father or Arsene is hardly the people who need a bread or the chance for fresh blood. Wait for ot lol

  4. Allen has not respect for professional people. The lady is honest and respectful. Therefore what is the problem ???

    • That is the problem, she is honest. He wants a dishonest person who will sign papers without question.

  5. She needs to resign along with ubuldus….all these ppl are usual eating tax payers money and the government is yet to pay out those they owe chpzzzzz!!!

  6. The best and longest serving GG in the world!!!! We have never had one who is so interested in the Culture and Arts like her. She is also very educated and champions the literacy cause! She speaks fluent French and is able to conduct herself in such a dignified manner and yes she can dress! I will miss her!

  7. Who cares…. to us.. this lady has no significance to society… we benefit any worthwhile from her office?This lady is just like an ornament on a table…when you have important guess comin over….you just show her off…

    • SMH I feel it for people like you.. please do a lil research before you dish out crap like that

      • I beg to differ. Out of all the Governor Generals we have had, Dame Pearlette Louisy has been the one that has attended so many of our local events when invited and has hosted so many charitable events at Government House. She has been the Patron for charitable organizations like the NCF and others. Wow we can be a little more appreciative of the giant of a woman that she is and how she has conducted herself in the position.

      • Goes to show how little some actually know about what’s happening in our St Lucia!

    • Will you benefit from the office when another person has been appointed? Should the island be without a Head of State?

    • Im sure if you get the position you will take it…. but because it’s her you questioning her significance in society… what’s yours???

  8. Younger generation??
    Mr.Asene James was promised post of Governor General in exchange for his Micoud South Seat by our by our present Prime minister whilst dey were in opposition preparing for 2016 election victory.The in house meetings you’ll had recently was all about putting an end to the reign of our governor General.I WILL leek d convo. ………

  9. Arsene James? OMG!!! The man cannot even talk properly, that is who is going to replace our very educated GG Dame Pearlette? Saint Lucia really going to the dogs!!!!

  10. It is a pity and a great shame that some of us can speak about our Governor-General in such derogatory terms. This has caused me to lose all faith in St. Lucians and to view their occasional outburst of support for anyone or anything as hypocritical and self-serving. After all Dame Pearlette has done to upkeep the name of St. Lucia, we now offhandedly refer to her as “this woman”. Suddenly, I am happy that God designed life in such a way that it will end at some point.

  11. There is nothing unusual to me in the length of time she has been GG. I think she has earned that with the way she has conducted herself. I can’t say that about you dictatorial alleñ,. Furthermore what all rather unusual is the fact you have the running of the house in a precarious position for failing to appoint a deputy speaker.

  12. Honesty enough not to say a word on grynberg. Im sorry this lady has brought the office of governor general to shame. Shielding politicians!! Go enjoy your gratuity.

    • So Nadia, would you prefer a “rude boy or a “rude girl” to be head of State? Do you have any idea how the office of GG works? Let’s hope that Dame Pearlette’s replacement will be a bold faced, no-nonsense person who will demand that Chastanet appoint a Deputy Speaker in order to give the current Speaker a break from time to time, and to guarantee continuity in the people’s business. Have a thoughtful day, Nadia.

  13. I am shocked at the degrading and disrespectful comments written here about Dame Pearlette. Damn. Saint Lucians are a bunch of ungrateful @$$ho £€$. I tell you for you to be loved and respected ithis country try you must be a crook and a the if or the biggest drug dealer in the Western Hemisphere.

  14. St Lucians continue to address every area of life, upliftment, finance, education, health, housing, social skills, opportunity, crime and just basic common sense with very little regard and respect. People from all over the world, our Caribbean neighbours etc read our papers, and to read those baseless, thoughtless comments from the citizens of Saint Lucia with regard to our long serving Governor General, makes one wonder when and if ever our mentality will take another direction.

    I am shocked at the level of social consciousness being displayed here with these comments. However I realize that some people must be true to themselves and their short comings, and can never escape their mental slavery.

    To overlook all aspects of good and advantage where it merits, and stress the
    negative and ingratitude as exhibited in these comments, leaves a lot to be desired.
    As to the resignation of our Governor General, our island will never again have the
    gift of a more caring, loyal and patriotic person to fill these shoes. They cannot even adopt another selfless human being to compare to our present Governor General.
    If the time comes for her to RETIRE, that is how it will be. But it does not have to be so unceremonious.

    St Lucians need to have respect for values and privileges. Alas it can hit them in the face and they would keep on sleeping. Has anybody realized that PRAYERS have not helped. Something is wrong!!!!!!!!! people. St Lucia needs to spring forward.

    • You know why?…… St Lucia is experiencing a ‘brain drain’. Those who desire challenge educate elsewhere and remain there in whatever country they choose to further their education, skills and life chances. This is why the same old thinking politicians can coerce people into voting for them and deliver the same old rhetoric. There is no challenge to the status quo! We all make off the cuff remarks in moments of anger or disappointment- and yes I agree the level of comments ( cussing or cursing – the prophetic kind) I read is concerning. To my view individuals seem angry and unheard. The relationship between leaders and the people need to change- currently a divorce is needed. Dame Pearl is one of the few remaining bastions St Lucia has not even the PM can aspire to her greatness, inspiration or selflessness. She remembers where we are coming from and remembers the ones born and yet to be born coming into an environment where the fire is slowly being stolen and dimmed. Re- light that fire Lucians!!! Yes you can. Young people get involved in your society, get education, get active- the thief of avrice is on the prowl. Politics should be a passion to enable and empower changes, not a platform for a popular name or an opportunity to steal the cream from the top- it is an opportunity not a right- it’s an inclusive forum, a gathering of minds, the island is not a business idea, nor should it’s leaders be allowed to run dictatorship. St Lucia for the people by the people.

  15. Where boy Allen, you’ve got so much to learn about Politics that I don’t believe 5 years will be enough time for you.

    For some reason you just can’t chose the right words to hide something which went on.

    The mere fact that you refuse to answer whether she has been asked to resign says a hell of a lot.

    “I have had no discussion with the Governor General at this time that I am going to make public…”

    Doesn’t mean you didn’t have a discussion about her resigning, you’re just not going to make it public!

    And that’s the right thing to do, let the individual you had the discussion with disclose publically that they are resigning – leaving your discussion out completely.

  16. do we really need a GG ? we r wastin resources. please leave will save this sinking country millions every year.

  17. Chps..but how many yrs have queen elizabeth reigned..The person who she represents???
    Chastenet prove no choa-shi ppl can b in the same room with he want the honest ones out..
    Chastenet ay su qway sac ou ko ou van cher boh ou..

  18. After doing some reasearch i’m okay with the current GG resigning as she will the be the longest serving GG in St.lucian history.However i hope it is not to fulfill a political promise to Arsene James and is being done based on merit.

  19. Why not let Dr. Ira J. Simmons follow in his Father’s footsteps and take over the position??

  20. The Dame has done a fantastic job as head of state. Thank you GG for your excellent service. Please not Arsene James! Really???…….

  21. Just do the honorable thing by repealing your signature on the DSH deal before you go.

  22. Seems to me. Everybody wants their own person as the next GG. .Dame P. Louisy. Had served for a very long time and did her best. My lady time to travel. .sit back..put your feet up high and enjoy your retirement. .bye bye..God bless you always with health and happiness

  23. Well.. well.. well.. I wonder if she was really asked to resign.

    “I have had no discussion with the Governor General at this time that I am going to make public – at the end of the day the Governor General will make whatever announcement she wants at any time,”

    Coming from the PM this sounds so uncaring and untruthful. mmmm

  24. She should resign.. but allen knew dam well y he ask her.cause she must a tell him all the wrong choices he is making will come with a price.. and she will have to shuffle cabinet so he make his move fast ask her to resign in a smart way by saying she over stay her time .smart man ti chas well done my bro/pm

    • Did you say that the GG will have to shuffle Cabinet? Since when that’s her role?

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