Dane Jacobs – A Sandals Consummate Cook Turned Prolific ARTIST

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Press Release:– Dane Jacobs, one of the lead actors and the two-timing husband Jackson Oliver in the locally acclaimed “Gwo Pwel” Part 2, the sequel. There is far more depth to this extraordinary cook, who joined the Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa & Beach Resort’s Bombay Restaurant team in 2018.

Currently part of the 5-Star Global Gourmet Cuisine guest experience that Sandals is renowned for, he embodies world class service.

“I am interested in learning how the impact of different foods can help with healing; I want to infuse that element into my food; I am passionate about the concept of living clean and building the immune system; I want to know about foods that help with health. I love food, and I love eating. But more importantly, I think people must enjoy food and enjoy life; be ‘gluttonous’ and healthy. So I want to try to make a difference with food.”

Dane’s love affair with food started in Secondary School when he was 16 and even then, he had already become consumed with the food-health connection. Very quietly, he says, his love of food came from his mom. “This was so that I could take care of myself,” she would say.

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He describes himself as a Singer/songwriter/; aspiring author; actor; online short story writer. He is a member of Dramacan Talent House, well known for his lead role in the renowned Gwo Pwel Part 1 series released in 2019, and the hour and a half long sequel, Part 2, released in 2022.

“I always enjoyed the idea of acting. I did not act at school because Theatre Arts as a subject was introduced just as I was leaving. I always wanted to do so many things. Now I realise there is no reason why I can’t do them all.”

His career really took off after his 2nd year at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, when he got the opportunity to complete a year-long internship at Green Acres Golf & Country Club. On completion, and based on his performance, he was invited to complete an additional year.

“At the time I was 20 years old. I worked and lived on resort, and I discovered that I loved my independence. I returned home and stayed for a while. I then went on to George Browne College in Canada for 2 years, and worked at The Stone Lion, as the night supervisor.”

With an incredible wisdom, Dane says, “I am reconciling my dreams with reality. I can do more; I have gained more enlightenment in this time spent at Sandals pushing me toward where I want to be. I have ignited my passion for acting; I am rounding out my job experience in culinary at Sandals. I am boosting my capabilities; I do not want to relax and get comfortable. With my Grandfather’s sense of humour and my mother’s wit, the sky is the limit”.

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  1. Congratulations Dane. I always enjoy your tiktok videos that tour mom is sure to blast on facebook. Keep going. The sky’s the limit!🥂👏🏾👑

  2. Great keep on pressing your way through. There is no easy way to becoming a successful and productive citizen ….hard work and dedication is they key and you seem to have taken possession of both. Peace and blessings

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