Daren Sammy Receives Prestigious Pakistan Award

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Former West Indies captain Daren Sammy has received a prestigious award from the Government of Pakistan for services to that country.

Sammy accepted the award – Sitara-I-Pakistan and expressed his gratitude on social media, declaring that it was an honour.

Sitara-I-Pakistan is the third-highest civil award conferred by Pakistan.

“Cricket took me all over the world enabling me to see and play in some amazing places. Pakistan is definitely one of these places. A place that always makes me feel at home. It’s such an honor to have received this prestigious award( Sitara-I-Pakistan) from the Government and people of Pakistan. Thank you,” he wrote.

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SportsMax reported that the Pakistan government was recognising the Saint Lucian all-rounder for his role in bringing international cricket back to Pakistan.

The award citation said that when most foreign players backed off from playing cricket in Pakistan for security reasons, Sammy helped to restore the international game against all odds.

“He has been a true ambassador and flag-bearer ever since,” according to the citation.

Sammy led the West Indies to two T20 World titles (2012 and 2016).

In addition, he featured in the Peshawar Zalmi franchise during his playing career.

And during the tournament’s second edition, Sammy was appointed as the franchise leader after Shahid Afridi stepped down from the leadership role.

Sammy guided the Pakistan franchise to title success in 2017

In March 2020, Sammy received Pakistan’s highest civilian medal, Nishan-e-Pakistan, for his part in helping bring international cricket back to Pakistan.

He also received honorary Pakistani citizenship from the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi.



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  1. Congratulations is in order Sir Daren Sammy. May I ask for your kind assistance in creating some videos, reaching out to the young men of St.Lucia. We need to let them know that life is valuable and the love ones they leave behind are hurting. Taking a life is no trophy to celebrate. Wise up live up. Peace!!

  2. We should always give thanks for goodness. Pakistan and India recognize the value of our players so much more than our own cricket board.

  3. Weighing both sides of the story:

    1. Giving the middle finger to the administrators of an inconsequential sport;
    2. Accepting the plaudits of a wholly corrupt government who have usurped the will of Pakistani citizens, and are using any PR opportunity to cover up their crimes from the view of the world.

    Hopefully, you are aware that up to 80% of the government officials, at the highest levels, are currently out on bail awaiting trial for their corruption. The 2-month-old-coup sponsored by the empire of lies (the US) against an ex-cricketing hero of Pakistan, Imran Khan, had a two-fold purpose: (a) Ensure that their crimes would never be answered to in any Pakistani court (via an equally corrupt judiciary of their compadres), (b) reverse the close relationship that Pakistan had been building with Russia, which would have ultimately led to improved relations with its neighbor, India (definitely a no-no for the empire of war & chaos, the US).

    Open your eyes folks!

      • @Jonnyb, stop letting people fool you. This guy @nudge is just talking bullshit. That’s just his opinion or may I say “conspiracy theory” of the situation.

        This story is hardly even world news. Why would they use that as a “PR opportunity to cover up their crimes from the view of the world?”

        Give me a break !! Ain’t nothing factual about what @nudge is saying as to why sammy was given an award. #PureGarbage

      • James would have us deny that the current regime in Pakistan (who are currently out on bail & were facing charges of corruption), 2 months ago, removed the duly-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, a cricketing hero, Imran Khan, with the help of a corrupt judiciary that have been bribed by US state department neocons.

        He would have us deny that the accolades to Sammy (intrinsically meritorious) were politically motivated; accorded by a regime which is trying to deflect from the objections of a currently peaceful Pakistani citizenry who held Imran Khan in high regard & are upset that the democratic process has been rendered null and void by a select bunch of criminals in the pay of the empire of lies!

        These facts James would have us deny, all because they do not fit into his minuscule world view, ultimately projected by western presstitutes! His flatulence of hash tags do nothing but identify him as a twit from the twitter-sphere, trying desperately to be relevant in the real world – a daunting task for someone whose stilted vocabulary is composed of mere scatalogical clichés and sound-bites from the talking heads he listens to, 24 x 7!

    • In Pakistan the Gov. is no different from St. Lucia one. Just that Pakistan have more in population and a much bigger parliament couple with the fake US strategy the have an ally in the Arab speaking region. However i begged to differ soon Sammy will leave his home land and reside in another country who really appreciate his sportsmanship and his love for the game. Since his award was purely base on revitalizing the sports and Pakistanis love dearly it sends a message to the racism the live within the sports of cricket. I applaud him for all his success he have achieve over the years. I am not sure why our government do not market our sportsmen/women as compare to islands like barbados, trinidad, guyana, jamaica.

  4. Wow. What else can this man do to prove his worth. Only in St. Lucian cannot see his worth, this is why he is not appreciated. But I guess Jesus Christ said it right, “A prohet is not accepted in his own country.

  5. wow they definitely cant keep a good man down. yeah take that west indies board of directors take that as middle finger to you, you cant keep sammy down


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