Daren Sammy Vows To Return After Winning Pakistan’s Respect

Peshawar Zalmi skipper Daren Sammy may have lost the final at the fourth edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL), but won the hearts of the people of Pakistan for his die hard spirit and love for the country, local news reports say.

As reported by the Business Recorder, in his final message to the Pakistani fans, the Windies ex captain said that he’ll be back again.

The Saint Lucian cricket star thanked the people of Karachi for their support of PSL and cricket, it was reported.

“Pakistan I’ll be back.. thank you for all the love and  support,” Sammy was quoted as saying.

In a tweet posted on Monday, he described Karachi, the most populous City in Pakistan, as ‘electric’ and one of the best atmospheres in which he has played.


  1. After two terrible results,were we have shown that we cant bowl,we still dont have those bowlers that can put the ball,were it has to go on a steady way,we give away runs by the dozens.The Brits destroyed us with simple bowling straight to the stumps,when you mis you get stumped,just ad a little turn on the ball and that wins you the game.It takes years to make a good bowler,but you have to have a excelent teacher to start

  2. You think me going to waste my money to go to a stadium,and suffer all that deception of whatching a phathetic bunch of guys getting humillated beyond belief,after all the talk an euphoria of two good results.Never again,I love sport,I dont mind loosing,but I cant whatch a team that has no blood or pride surrendering,with out a fight

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