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Daren Sammy’s Bouncer Remarks Criticised As ‘Ridiculous’

Daren Sammy’s claim that an International Cricket Council (ICC) bouncer rule in cricket was intended to limit the success of a black team, the West Indies with its pace attack, has been strongly criticized.

Writing in an opinion piece in Sportskeeda,  top contributor Sai Krishna described Sammy’s assertion as ridiculous.

Krishna declared that the Saint Lucian cricketer was ‘clutching at straws’.

He observed that when the ICC introduced the bouncer rule in 1991, West Indies cricket was already on the decline.

“In 1991, the ICC decided that they had had enough of batsmen who were left to find a new dentist and ruled that one bouncer an over (per batsman) was enough in all formats of the game,” Krishna wrote.

While expressing the view that the West Indies pace attack of Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Colin Croft and Andy Roberts had something to do with the decision, he declared that the colour of their skin was ‘absolutely not’ a factor.

The Sportskeeda contributor noted that cracks in the West Indian castle of glass had already started appearing.

“Like all great empires, they were destined to fall, but fans just couldn’t wrap their nostalgia-driven heads around the fact,” Krishna wrote.

He declared that despite having its roots in colonialism, the Gentleman’s Game still manages to be a great unifying factor.

“We cannot allow Daren Sammy’s frankly outrageous conspiracy theories to tarnish the game we so dearly love,” Krishna stated.

In an interview last week with Inside Out, Daren Sammy recalled the image of a police officer in the United States kneeling on the neck of Afro-American, George Floyd, who subsequently died.

The death triggered a wave of global protests and reenergized the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

A demonstration was also held here in Saint Lucia.

“The kneeling on this guy’s neck brought so many scenarios to me. The symbol itself – I saw it as people in power just suffocating those who are less fortunate,” Sammy said.

He made reference to former Australian pace bowlers Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson.

“Looking at the fire in Babylon, looking at what Thomson and Lillee and all those guys were bowling quick and hurting people – broken ribs. And then I watch a black team becoming so dominant and you see the bouncer rule begin to come in and all these things start to come in, and I take it as, and I understand that this is just trying to limit the success a team of colour could have,” Sammy said.

“I might be wrong, but that’s how I see it and the system shouldn’t allow that,” the Saint Lucia and West Indies cricketer stated.

“It has triggered a conversation that has to be had across the cricketing fraternity,” Sammy declared.


  1. Sammy why don’t you keep quiet. Your ignorance is showing. You are using race and colorism to be relevant making you sound stupid and making yourself look ridiculous. You are not one of the greats in cricket and you are not intelligent enough.

    • Sammy is quite entitled to his opinion. I’ve heard this very same opinion expressed by very prominent cricket analysts. Sammy’s claim is not farfetched. The complete dominance by the West Indian fearsome pace attack was the envy of the rest of the cricketing world. They had to do something to curtain our dominance. Truth hurts!

    • Looks like you are the ignorant one when it comes to cricket knowledge. What happened to our younger pace bowlers?
      Sammy is a great. the records. First captain to win ICC T20 twice, PCL, 7 wicket haul.
      Just keep quiet if you have nothing good to say.

      • if you believe sammy is a cricketing great then you are the ignorant one.. sammy like any cricketer had a few outstanding moment, but as a cricketer had a very ordinary career. now you talk about two world cup win, how is Sammy to be credited for that? to credit sammy is to take away from the players who actually contributed to the west indies actually winning those matches , and by extension the world cup… Answer this for me if you can. If was his captaincy that led to the wins why is it the zouks have never been able to succeed under his “brilliant” captaincy? so please you keep quiet if you have nothing sensible to say.

    • I never could understand why people can’t disagree without being disagreeable. Fact is Sammy is right. During the era of Harold Larwood, the body line ball was used extensively to intimidate the opposition. Then there was the Thompson & Lillee era. They pulverized and destroyed batters. All the aforementioned were white and from England and Australia. Then came Fire in a Babylon from the West Indies. Then short pitched bowling was considered dangerous. One must also reflex on the change in the rules regarding No Balls, once it was the back foot over stepping the bowling crease. Then was changed to nit over stepping the batting crease.
      Now BCCI control cricket and India have the best pace attack, what’s going to happen.

  2. Darren Sammy is spot on, as that bouncer rule after implemented, help propelled West Indies Cricket decline on international scene. Part of our great successes in cricket came through our pace bowlers. Spin bowling never took us to cricket champion glory; or, prolonged fame. Example: front foot rule, another move aimed at our pacers. The amount of bouncers to bowl, came after West Indies devastated opponents through pace bowling from Marshall, Roberts,Holding, Garner, Croft, Daniel, etc. I fully agree with Sammy!

  3. I keep saying and will say it again, Sammy is catching at straws to remain relevant. Why dont you take a few dollars out of your couple hundred thousand and give to the under priviledge? That will put you in the spot light. Ran for the Micoud North seat and start building schools and groom more school drop outs to become half ass sportsmen like you. And please shut up in your mouth and lie down in your bedding like that……

  4. It took the death of George Floyd to awaken your consciousness despite the noticeable visibility of white supremacy in every walks of life. Your concern about the limitation of bouncers is a legitimate one and it deserves analysis Instead of ridicule. The problem with St. Lucia today is that people are quick to attack others without any serious analytical thoughts. It’s a fact that West Indies fast bowlers in the past have always been very intimidating. Those fasts bowlers were slicing through their opponents like a reign of terror. How do you contain those menacing bowlers without appearing too bias? First, those who make the rules control the game. Who make the rules? Is it the West Indies Cricket Board? Would the member countries of the ICC impose rules that would disadvantage their home country? Isn’t true that the framer of rules usually works to their advantage?
    Having clearly examine the questions asked I would conclude that Sammy is correct in his analysis. The ICC would not formulate rules to benefit the West Indies bone -breaking fast bowlers. No cricketing nation has consistently produced fearing fast bowlers as the West Indies. It is not a conspiracy to curtail those pacers; it is just that the ICC can change the rules and there is nothing the West Indies, India or Pakistan can do about it. Go figure it out.

    • Sammy trying to remain relevant as usual, he’s just repeating what others have opined previously, no original analysis on his part. Always said that Sammy was a much better attention seeker on and off the field than he was a cricketer.

  5. Sammy have you ever thanked Kenny Anthony for giving you the opportunity to play cricket for the West Indies and popularity you gain ?

  6. Is like black people can’t say nothing after all Sammy did say he could be wrong.

    We all know that the bouncer rule as well as the 90 overs per day rule was introduce to stop west Indies

    We can’t breathe black life matters.

  7. Sammy’s assertion is widely a belief in the Caribbean. The bouncer rule was to designed to curtail the devasting pace attack of the Windies. I’m sure the ICC is still scratching their heads and saying, why we didn’t come up with the rule 10 years earlier!
    For the detractors who believe it’s a farce, because Windies was on the decline – you couldn’t foresee that then. Most expected the Windies to reload and be competitive again. After all, the Windies was producing pacers from a conveyor belt. Ok, the reload didn’t happen, so you can build your case on that failure.

    If Sammy wasn’t so abrasive with his comment, then the reactions would have been different.

    Sammy could have substituted the politically charged “Black” for Windies and the statement would have had the same impact.

    The moment you inject race, people will try to discredit your view. Generally, most caucasians will be offended when people of African ancestry cry racism. Their investigation usually is to prove
    It wasn’t racism instead of racism was the issue.

    The bouncer rule benefited countries that were on the receiving end of the lethal fast ball. Conscientious or woke caucasians would have known what the bouncer rule was about.
    I leave it there.

  8. Seems as though Darren touch a nerve.We can go back and take a.look at Lindwall & Miller;Also a man by the name of Roy Gilchrist?Charlie Griffith wasn’t on everyones list either.Lest we forget.

  9. Darren sammy is so right i mean correct people like u will disagree wit him because a lot of u out there dont like it when black people is on top

  10. When Thompson and lillie &Gilmour was hurting people. N Australia was on top d icc did nothing West Indies were winning games in 3&4 days but they will charge WI for bowling to slow i say RACE was a big factor so u who ever u are can please shut ur *** up

  11. No original thought process or opinion on Sammy’s part here, just repeating what he’s heard other cricket analyst say long ago. Always said that Sammy is a much better attention seeker both on and off the field than he is a cricketer.

  12. I am wondering who this ‘contributor’ Sai Krishna is? How many cricket matches have you played.. if Sammy is giving his opinion, he can, cos he has played the beautiful game in its highest form.. what have you done mr.contributor..

  13. Wow, Sammy is right like death; you die once! The world knew that’s exactly why the rule was enacted even when the game wasn’t widely televised. The was a battery of speedsters waiting in the wings at the time.

    Those of you who go out spewing your manhood or lack thereof must take responsibility for the children you bring into this World and expect someone else to care for them. Don’t these underprivileged children have parents? What’s your role Mr. Bigmouth?

    Sammy need not be the Rep for Micoud North nor the sponsor of your child (childern) well-being, monies were available for this purpose by hard-working St. Lucians tell T- Chas to get it back from Sandals, OJO Labs and co.

  14. Darren is not far off the truth. G.G. the captain of England and his team mates were the recipient of some lethal pace bowling dished out by Patrick Patterson, Ian Bishop, Curtley Ambrose and Courtney Walsh back then, then came the 1 bouncer per over rule also the 90 overs per day and fines for teams not abe to bowl them, forcing teams to play more spinners and fast bowlers to shorten their runups. Apparently batsman could be killed if nothing was done to make the game safer.

  15. Darren is not far off the truth. G.G the captain of England and his team mates were the recipient of some lethal pace bowling dished out by Patrick Patterson, Ian Bishop, Curtley Ambrose and Courtney Walsh back then, then came the 1 bouncer per over rule also the 90 overs per day and fines for teams not abe to bowl them, forcing teams to play more spinners and fast bowlers to shorten their runups in order to get in 90 overs. Apparently batsman could be killed if nothing was done to make the game safer.

  16. Why didn’t they try to make that game safer when Thompson and Lilly was reigning terror . It was not racism when Tony Gregg said he would make west Indies grovel? Sammy is absolutely correct in his theory. This was the only way England and Australia could have put a chokehold on horseman.

  17. Even if the bouncer rule was used against the WIndies, why would Sammy bring it up now and suggest it was because of race. He said his theiry might be wrong. That is the issue I have with Sammy. He is bringing every wrong the ICC did against the WIndies and assuming it is racism etc .
    Unless you can prove it Sammy please just stop.

  18. Whoever you are,how many test matches have you played. Do you know how to win, have you ever manange a group of men.Captain Sammy have to all the questions I asked you also 2 20/20 world Cup championship. Take your head out of your A##. Have respect for a champion 👏 🙌.
    Jah Bless

  19. 20/20 is rubbish cricket according to Michael Holding. Michael Holding refused to be a commenter of this type of cricket. Daren Sammy is not a great batsman nor a great bowler. He is not consistant enough. The only reason he got a chance to make it in the time to win that million dollar Stanford was because Bravo was injured and Bravo needed a replacement and Sammy was called.
    So I guess he was a lucky fellow. Anyway, focusing on the article all I can say is Darren may be right in his statements about the bouncer rule, but I am not sure race played a factor there. I guess we need to hear from other players if the share the same sentiments as Sammy.

  20. West Indies had something to prove back then bouncer or not. They won because of their fighting spirit And talent. Those guys faced a ton of racism and you diminish their credibility and greatness by your comments. Keith Boyce was a spectacular fast bowler who went through a lot , even without a bouncer cause he was smart and worked hard. The glory days are behind you guys. My apologies to Mr Gale who is one of the greats.

  21. Greetings! It is unfortunate that Krishna feels that way. Though he is entitled to his opinion, so is Sammy. Sammy is sharing his thoughts on an observation here and Krishna should be mindful when he spouts his ignorance. One does not have to be a great individual player to get the best out of a group or team. If one takes Krishna’s logic into consideration then average players who led England as a “specialist captain ” or became a member of a successful team should never be celebrated because of their achievement. I have tried to ignore those remarks by Krishna but he may have to revisit his statements because he may have an axe to grind.
    If Krishna is honest and had taken the time to read the opinion in its entirety he would realize that, Sammy did indicate that, he could be wrong. However, that would not assist in Krishna’s quest to discredit Sammy.

    Have a pleasant life Krishna but do so by being a bit more thoughtful!
    Stay safe.

  22. Sammy is right .I heard commentators complaining about excessive bouncers .They knew it was a way we dominated.lf you tell a boxer not to use his upper cut to win his fights.Of course over time his success will fall.They found every way to make us not dominant even to the point of lessening the recruitment of guys playing in county teams.

  23. An example of Racism in its systemic form. Sportsmen playing at the level of representing their counties have a platform to share their opinions on issue that affect us all. Most time when they share their these views in the most controversial instances, they tend be ostracized.
    Why? Because the truth offends those in authority. These are the persons who need to do the right thing. They are they channels to effect change. It may not happen immediately, but it is the point to begin!

    Watch this:

  24. Tory I think that you are a hater and that you are just jealous of Sammy . Talking about attention seeking
    Is people like you and the other haters that bring our youths and our people down
    Sammy has done so much for st. Lucia more than many politicians. And yes from his own pocket
    He is an inspiration. He is an example of what hard work , discipline dedication and most importantly faith can produce
    Just because you have not experienced something does not mean that it is none existence
    You are entitled to your opinion and so does everyone else

  25. Darren Sammy you need to shut up. Now you hoping to jump unboard with this blm bs? You are the biggest racist in st Lucia…


  26. To you too zip code
    What have you done? Sammy has given school supplies to kids. Sponsored clubs with uniforms and gear. What about the Darren Sammy foundation and so much more . He has helped so many people from his community and elsewhere
    If you disagree with the man’s opinions
    Well that’s your right but do your research and you will find all the incredible deeds that Sammy has done from his own pocket. …..
    Praise be to The Most High for him

  27. Even a blind man can see when the West Indies were dominating Australia England New Zealand what would you think we’re being said in the changing rooms after the game just in case if you don’t know the ICC is England Australia and New Zealand and they make the rules and Rule number one is to stop West Indies at all cost it is said England would prefer to lose a battleship than to lose a cricket game to West Indies.

  28. I have hardly read any comment on Darren Sammy news items without people talking about his money.
    What does his money have to do with his views on short pitch bowling.
    Haters. Smh.

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