Darlene Found – Mother Ecstatic

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Missing teenager Darlene Daniel Piltie has been found, her mother Neshia Baptiste has disclosed.

“Feel relieved. I am happy. I feel ecstatic. I feel like jumping,” the mother told St Lucia Times.

She disclosed that the youngster walked into the Micoud Secondary school to see the School Counsellor.

“They called me about 2:30 pm but I am not sure what time that happened,” she stated on the way to reunite with the fifteen-year-old.

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“We just want to see her. We’re just happy,” she stated.

While admitting that there are a number of questions to which she would like answers, the mother declared that for now, the most important thing is that Darlene has been found.

In a March 7 post on its official Facebook page, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) announced that Darlene had been reported missing.

According to the RSLPF, individuals last saw the fifteen-year-old resident of New Dock Road, Vieux Fort, on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Desruisseaux teenager Haillie Davy is also missing.

A family member said individuals last saw the 16-year-old on Sunday at about 4:30 pm in the community.

Haillie was wearing grey Corinth Secondary track pants and an off-white spaghetti strap vest at the time.

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  1. @fox I agree 100%…no man should be this sick …such a man is A DEVIL for sure. If allegations are true – Making them eunuchs is the only guarantee for inability to commit such offenses in the future.

  2. If what was reported about the two perverts is true, then there is only one solution; surgical castration, resulting in two eunuchs – they’ll never do that again. Now turn to God for your Salvation.

  3. Dear Friend (s)
    Continue to work out your (salvation)
    with fear and trembling, for,it is God who works in you (to will and act his purpose), so that you may becomes blameless and pure, children of God whithout fault in a crooked and depraved generation,in which you shines likes stars in the univers as you hold out the word of life (the Bible).
    In order that you may boast on day of Christ that (you did not labor in vain)
    for nothing.
    But even if you being poured out like a drink offering,and service coming from your ‘faith’,we are glad and rejoice with all of you. So you should be glad rejoice with all.

    Stand firm in the sprit,contending as one man for the faith of the gospel whithout being frighten in any way by those who oppose you.
    Thus,this is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved and that by God.
    For it has been granted to you on behalf of God (Christ)not only to beleive on him, since you are going through the same struggle.

  4. The young lady is still a ward of the state, so if there is any truth to the assertion that she was being sexually abused, what has the Ministry of Education and police done to protect this child from further abuse. I’m just pleased that she has returned home safe and not found somewhere dead. Praise God for that. Let us continue to support her and guide her based on the reason for her disappearance.

  5. I am an honest St. Lucia who left a very long time ago.—–To God be the glory. The demon of PEDOPHILIA is alive and well in St. Lucia. The PEDOPHILES are abusive and some of their wives/girlfriends COVER UP as they too need serious psychological help IT IS SICKENING. If some of the postings are true – please, please, please help this young lady and do not send her back to the hell hole which damaged her as well as her self worth.

    I pray that she gets the help that she needs as St. Lucia is not an easy place to live especially when you have been victimized/abused or have mental issues. If possible try to get her away from St. Lucia asap.

  6. Thank God she was found – I have just two questions.
    1. Did the young meet with social service or whatever agency exist in St. Lucia?
    2. If indeed, sexual abuse exist in the home – was she then returned to the house of torment?

  7. Parental abandonment and abuse of children is pretty high in St. Lucia. The women get jealous and angry at their daughters and start doing all manner of things to drive them away. And the women are pretty manipulative after they gaslight their daughters. now you crying that you ecstastic and happy. Wonder if things were so nice by you why she run away? Their men abuse the kids as well. If these people start coming around you and want to touch you inappropriately tell someone for those of you who might be affected by this. There is a lot that is going on in St Lucia that is hidden. Bring these abusers to face justice. Let them lose their face in their community. Some kids take their own ways with gangs and friends and want to broke out to early. this is a problem for the parents too. But some kids dependent on parents for survival are going through hell.

  8. Raeeee now you happy mother? now you happy? It is alleged and rumor has it that the childs step father and her step grand father were using her for their pleasure and they used to give her morning after pill. When the child tried to confine in her mother the mother replied alledgly with “Nom ou Vle” aka “Man you just want” now if this is true i smell a rat cause how in the first place they got the morning after pill? was the step father taking his womans own to give to his step daughter or does he have a link in a pharmacy?

    Mothers Mothers you so call mothers please listen to your children when they come and talk to you particularly about these things!!!!! and then when the children turn to life of crime people want to know why there are so much killings

  9. Wait, where is Social/Family Services in this matter? Who is doing the family intervention? Darlene’s return has brought RELIEF not SOLUTION to whatever her family issues are.

    • Social What? lol these people in there just for name and the money the only time they will lift a finger is if a report is made to them my dear

      • I know, I witnessed them “resolve” a child abuse case by making phone calls and not a single home visit (as small as St. Lucia is). Well, the child in this case is the first (11yrs), four more after, mother (late twenties/early thirties) pregnant-ready to give birth, politician is appalled by living conditions promised to help with house renovations, emotional/physical abuse and neglect are these children’s life …

  10. It’s good to have you back darlene…. Only god knows how worried your family were….. Feeling neglected or frustrated talk to someone that you trust,maybe they can help….. Keep believing in god always!! Stay safe….πŸ€—

  11. N that idiot go live saying she feeling it in her soul that the girls are dead.. oh her spirit feeling grievous ep tot lot baguyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. The mother knew her husband and his father was sleeping with her daughter. But crying fowl! Mama salop. I’ll sip my tea in peace. They should arrest them all. Dayban sutures.

  13. Stop judging as a former abused child in st. Lucia. Raped by my own father. I ran away many times. My father would spread rumour that i just wanted man. I would return home ashamed of myself as if i was in the wrong. Unless you guy stop being so close minded in St lucia. Nothing will change. Darlene if you read this. If you are going through something thats making you act up. Go and report it. You will be better with a clearer mind for your future . Please dont hide those who are hurting if thats the case. ❀️

    • I appreciate your honesty, cause as an educator I can tell you there are so many of these cases we deal with. Sad to say when you report it to the police they drag their feet for years until the child leaves school or ran away from home.

  14. This is no laughing matter. Some want to hear where they have been, why, the reason, or mother’s business. Life is hard and you haven’t seen seen anything yet. It breaks my heart to see a teenage girl run away. Buys of course, not good but some can take care of themselves at that age.
    Find a Bible believing Church, attend as often as possible, learn how to pray properly, not to Saints, but to your Father in Heaven. The God I know will reward you.(War is coming, so Pray)

  15. Some of you all women know how to cry when the children go missing, but you will never admit that the kind of abuse they endure from you is the reason they run.

  16. Now the Police administration department should prepare a zero dollars invoice for the family. They will soon get my $100,000.00 invoice for emotional stress and I hope they have a release stating the whereabouts of the VF teen. Failure to do so will create a lack of interest in missing people report.

  17. Well that is great news… I hope they follow up and tell us at least a reason for her disappearance.

    • It’s like they found my daughter. Been following this story from overseas from the time it broke. Just could not stop thinking about the mother’s anguish. I am just so elated for the family. God is a great god. #welcomeHOMEdarlene

    • Well, the findings may prove to be very confidential … let’s pray that there is professional intervention to resolve this matter. This young lady’s “disappearance” is a manifestation of the home-dynamics … umh, I wonder what pushed/pulled her out …

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