Monday, January 27, 2020

DCA Helps Cabot St. Lucia And Invest Saint Lucia

Press Release:– The Development Control Authority (DCA) is currently working with the Cabot St. Lucia Inc. team and Invest Saint Lucia to ensure that their proposed touristic/residential development inclusive of a golf course proposed for the Cap Estate/Cas En Bas area is executed to the standards of the DCA and other sister agencies.

The development team met with officials from the DCA on Thursday 7th November, where discussions focused on the finalization of their designs.

Cabot representatives indicated that they were committed to executing a design that had been tested and proven compliant with the highest international standards taking into consideration the environmental and archeological sensitivity of this Cap Estate/Cas En Bas coastal area. To ensure best-fit designs in that regard initial site investigations are currently ongoing.

Cabot St. Lucia Inc. and Invest Saint Lucia have expressed their willingness to comply with all the requirements of the DCA in observing the conditions under which approval can be obtained.

The Cabot team is excited to bring to Saint Lucia their world class standard tourism product


  1. Of course the Cabot team is excited to come here , we’re using of NIC funds to finance the project at a below market interest rate.

  2. Dammit. I hate that project so much. Every last square inch of this small island is being sold to foreigners using our hard earned pensions. The politicians should be jailed for defrauding citizens out of our patrimony. Already there are no places left to recreate and enjoy nature. If God forbid this money is not paid back to the people of this country Chastanet and his cohorts should be held accountable.

  3. The headline is so accurate= DCA “helps”…….of course they would- why would they defy their boss (the PM)? I wonder how the global investment community sees Saint Lucia- i bet they laugh out loud and call us bwazzz!

  4. Why dont they go to le paradil of thats the name. The abandoned area in praslin instead of going to spoil another virgin land

  5. Why don’t they go to le paradil if that’s the name. The abandoned area in praslin instead of going to spoil another virgin land

  6. Why don’t you all give up on this false narrative? The Development will cost lots more than what was invested by NIC. Who is going to put in the additional funds?

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