Wednesday, October 5, 2022

DCash Service Resumes

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The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) is pleased to advise that full functionality of the DCash digital payments platform has been restored effective Wednesday, 9 March.  DCash is the digital version of the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar.

As part of the restoration, the platform now benefits from several upgrades including an enhanced certificate management process and an updated version of the software which provides the foundation for the DCash system.

Extensive testing and assurance exercises were conducted prior to restoration of the platform to ensure full functionality of the service in accordance with quality assurance specifications.

The ECCB is continuously monitoring the system’s performance to optimise the user experience and increase user engagement. Revolutionising the way money is transferred throughout the ECCU, DCash makes it easier for ECCU citizens to move money within and across borders, ‘Connecting the Region, Transforming Lives’.

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Once DCash users load their digital wallets, payments and money transfers to friends, family and merchants in the DCash network can be made faster, safer and cheaper.  DCash is sent and received within mere seconds, from the convenience of anywhere and with no transaction fees.

Seven of the eight ECCB member countries are currently enrolled in the DCash pilot; Anguilla will join soon. The introduction of an e-commerce function, which will enable businesses to accept DCash via their websites, and the rollout of government to consumer payments are also in the pipeline.

The free DCash app is available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Source: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Headline photo: Internet stock image

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  1. It was noticeable that DCash did not advise which banks are included in this venture. Can it be used with any bank? Or onlY BOSL? Which means only if one has account at that bank, the app can only be used then. I just wish the press release was a little more explicit in that regard. Anyway, I will find out from my bank what is advisable.

  2. The last time I used it, Dcash app could have easily been called Dproblem . With a 2.2 customer rating on Google Play, I Hope this rollout is better. Was there even a quality control person in that organization?

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