DCash Upgrade Offers More Personalised User Experience

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Following the restoration of the ECCB’s DCash platform, consumers and merchants are pleased with the more personalised and upgraded user experience the digital payments platform offers.

For entrepreneurs, expatriates, parents, university students, and other users who use DCash to send and receive instantaneous money transfers across borders from the convenience of anywhere – and with no transaction fees – the newly introduced DCash Notes feature is an added convenience.

The DCash Notes feature – similar to the memo line on a cheque – gives DCash users the ability to add an accompanying note whenever they complete a transaction via the free app.

The note, which can be up to 255 characters in length, provides a reminder about why they made the payment, facilitating better recordkeeping and reconciliation for consumers and merchants.

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Rodney Browne, a DCash Merchant and Managing Director of eCaribbean Ltd., a media development and management company in Saint Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis, describes the recently activated Notes feature as being “a welcomed addition” to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s DCash app.

“It adds important context to the transaction activity recorded in the app,” Browne says, adding: “It’s optional, so the power remains with the users as to how they want to use it.  I’m encouraged by ECCB’s responsiveness in considering and exploring features requested by stakeholders and look forward to more exciting new features in the near future.”

Camille Crichton, a DCash Merchant Teller and Managing Director of Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services Inc. in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, remarked “the Notes feature is amazing.  It helps track transactions for both merchants and consumers easily.”

Crichton adds that the merchants she interacts with during training sessions on the use of DCash are paying attention to the new feature, as it enables them to avoid discrepancies in their records and efficiently apply payments to the correct accounts.

To install the DCash Notes feature and other upgrades, DCash users should update to the latest version of the app.

If you have Automatic Updates enabled on your device, the application will be updated automatically.

Source: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

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  1. While I understand the fears of fully digital money, people need to understand that most money is already digitalized and less than 10% is in the form of physical cash. Also if the government wanted to victimize you they have other ways to do this.

  2. Central Bank Digital Currency. What happens if this is used exclusively instead of cash and someone says something the politicians don’t like? Can the government the stop that person from paying for food, rent, transport considering this is all digital and controller from the central bank servers? Sure seems so to me. I’ll keep my paper currency thanks. And if you people are wise you would never use this app no matter what “benefit” it provides.

    • if you were wise you would not make such an ignorant comment and when i say ignorant i am not saying you are foolish or trying to be degrading to make you look stupid. i say this cause it is a good initiate that way if you dont have actual cash you can use the app to pay for things in case you leave your wallet home or say you lost it, it also helps that you dont always have to carry huge sums of money on you if you dont have a cheque book, everything goes in and comes from directly from your bank account so no waiting and other tons of benefits

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