DEA Officials Arrest BVI Premier On Drug Charges – Territory’s Governor Calls For Calm

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British Virgin Islands (BVI) Governor John Rankin Thursday called for calm after United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials arrested the Caribbean Territory’s Premier Andrew Alturo Fahie, 51.

On Thursday, investigators held Fahie and the BVI’s port director, Oleanvine Maynard, at a Miami airport on drug and money laundering charges.

Reuters News Agency reported that a DEA complaint said Fahie had agreed to allow an informant, posing as a member of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, to use BVI ports to ship cocaine in return for a payment of $500,000.

“I realise this will be shocking news for people in the Territory. And I would call for calm at this time,” BVI Governor John Rankin said in a statement.

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British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss said she was ‘appalled’ by “these serious allegations.”

As a result of Fahie’s arrest, BVI Deputy Premier Natalio Wheatley will function as Acting Premier.

Wheatley called for Fahie and Maynard to be afforded due process in the United States courts.

He also urged calm and patience, saying he could not comment further on the case since it was an active investigation.

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  1. Corruption, corruption, corruption; greed, envy & lust for power is all around in the Caribbean, the sort which created and brought down dismally, types such as PAPA & BABY DOC Duvaliere of Haiti, and the many unknown and unheard of, having been caught and spending a life time in a Florida Prison, if and when ever released, facing a definite death awaiting them back in their home land. What a life? is it worth it? that shipment of Guns that was sized in the U.S. before arriving in St. Lucia, is an indicator of the depth of the planning for a brutal and a sudden take over of this Island by foreign agents, paid for by dirty money, and hopefully installing the Baron as President in the future Republic. First find out to whom was that Shipment headed to, then comes the denials; head for the hills, get out of town, run, out of here. Sorry to inform you, this Rock is slowly but certainly heading Haitian style Republicanism. As much as I love my home Land, I pray it never happens, but evil is creeping too deep in the Governance of this Country.

  2. Some Islands are marked out for ‘Heavy Duty’ corruption. The discovery of Arms shipment to St. Lucia is a ‘tell tale’ of the big story. One individual alone can put the whole nation to shame. I pray before it happens, the culprit will be exposed; Our Lord answers prayers.

  3. Keep going DEA. I believe they have just touched the tip of the iceberg as to the real source of criminality in the region. The real criminals are at the top. In big big positions. Using the little man to take the fall for them. Do a clean sweep of all criminals posing as government officials and businessmen in the region.

  4. Eyes in our Cabinet. PJP you have a notorious one and his attache in the fore front. What is the link with the royal one who accusing others of corruption.

  5. same thing these dirty cops did buju banton they coming to you and making a deal with you even if you have no intention of doing this and when you say ok they letting it go through and they arresting you. i believe this has way more than just drugs

  6. I guess we need to be patient. Very soon the US may arrest some politicians for money laundering. Let us all be patient.

  7. The Dea should carry out an entire Sweet of the Cafibbean Politricktians and arrest Convict all of them to Prison .Make sure all of them be Granted Us.Visas and as Aoon as they land in the Us arrest them

  8. The BVI are pappyshow amateurs. Ours is bigger than there’s and he calls Gods name too. But he is not fat….he works out.

      • Richard F. Greed and greedy, They should all be shame out of their positions, starting from J to the rest of them.. They are taking the rest of us down with them.. They have no clue how to earn an honest $$ Greedy and thievery..I maintain my thoughts..


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