‘Dead’ Babonneau Secondary School Student Is Alive & Well

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A female  Babonneau secondary school student who is said to have been dead, is actually alive and well, her teacher says.

The teenager’s photo has appeared on social media, with assertions that hers was the body discovered at Pigeon Island last week.

The child’s young woman’s teacher, Alice Medard, told St Lucia Times she heard reports of the gruesome murder of an individual.

She noted that when such incidents happen, usually everyone wants to find out who is the victim.

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“Of course, people circulate pictures but I am not one to open any of these,” Medard said.

“I just find it inhumane,” the Babonneau Secondary School teacher declared.

However, she said someone sent her a photo of one of her former students who recently graduated.

The youngster was wearing the school uniform in the photo.

She recalled asking if the person who sent the photo was sure that the teenager was a murder victim.

According to Medard, the sender replied in the affirmative.

“She said she was 100 percent sure.”

Medard told St Lucia Times what within a short space of time, a number of people kept sending  the same photo.

“I’m overwhelmed, I’m nervous, I’m ready to cry. I am wondering why and who would do this,” she explained.

Medard said she had a headache.

“I called the child a few minutes later and she answered the phone,” the teacher stated.

“I’m like  – ‘Is that you?’ She said ‘Yes!’. I asked “Are you sure that is you?’

Medard said the former student assured her that she was alive although there were social media photos with claims that she was dead.

“I said “thank you Jesus.'” Medard recalled.

However,  she said she knows someone else’s child is dead and expressed sympathy for the bereaved.

Nevertheless, Medard said she became ‘really upset’.

“I don’t understand why we as a people, like to share everything that we get, whether we know for a fact it is true, whether is is just hearsay,” she lamented.

The teacher told St Lucia Times it appears that there’s a competition to share things first, even if the information has not been verified.

Medard said if circulating the fake news had such an impact on her, it might actually kill someone such as a close relative to the girl.

“We need to stop that behaviour because it is not helping anybody,” Medard asserted.

Medard also posted the following poem on Facebook:

To Whom It May Concern:

I begged you to stop, to stop, to stop!
It wasn’t for you I wore my cropped top!
I screamed out of scared lungs,
It excited you, to you this was fun!
I kicked, I scratched, I shivered!
I prayed God would have me delivered!
Your eyes pierced mine!
Your hands ripped mine!
Your mouth found mine!
I begged you to stop, to stop, to stop!
My screams; signed invitations to ravish my clothes.
I ground my teeth till blood quenched my throat,
You still refused to stop, to stop, to stop!
My body fought, refused to give in to you.
You fought back, me you had to subdue!
I was trapped by the weight of your evil!
You bulldozed my path with your unlicensed vehicle!
I put up fences which excited you more!
You’re just a human face but you’re a monster!
You pretended that this was familiar territory!
Not once my cries made you feel sorry!
You sang songs of praise!
That even by it hell would feel betrayed!
I begged you to stop, to stop, to stop!
I drew parallel lines across your body!
You responded with threats to kill me!
My teeth created maps on your face and neck!
You showed no mercy, not even a speck!
You kept exploring my inner core!
You said I wanted it but please, NO MORE!
You kept writing the history of my landmark.
I kept begging for you to stop this attack!

Time paused as your gross inhumanity,
Treaded and drowned my humanity!
I’m shattered in desolation, reduced to nothing!
I could not find my worth, my being.
Your bulldozer broke down within my broken walls.
You smiled, proud you could be so brutal!
My mind became trapped between the equation of life and death.
How I wished this would be and not be my last breath!
Your hands played games with my throat.
You’re the best I’ve had, you boast!
You deflated me. Punctured me. Dehumanized me!
Yet you would kill if what you did to me,
Was done to your sister or mummy!
I am left feeling nothing, feeling everything!
I begged you to stop, to stop, to stop!

By Alice L. MEDARD

Headline stock photo courtesy: Feliphe Schiarolli





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