Deceased accident victim identified

The deceased in Thursday’s early morning vehicle accident near the Courts Marisule branch has been identified as petrol station employee,  Liselle Charlery.

Charlery was a passenger in a Nissan X-Trail which ran off the road, overturned and burst into flames.

According to reports, she was ejected from the vehicle which then fell on her, trapping her as it burst into flames.

The driver, identified as Richie Richelieu, 32,  is said to have been pulled out of the vehicle and is currently in hospital.

Ironically, the accident occurred just a short distance away from where Richelieu lived at East Winds, Marisule.

A relative told St Lucia Times that he and Charlery were on their way from Rodney Bay when the accident occurred.



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      • freedom of speech does mean that you can say what you want…. the thing is what ppl fail to realize is that yes you can say what you want but you are not exempted from consequences of your actions…. also i am not the jackass at teh top.. i too am shocked at their stupidity.

    • Most people have a huge misconception about Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech has its limits. Freedom of Speech gives you the right to say whatever the LAWS permit. People go to prison or are fined by a court of law for libelous statements. Some of the comments are vile, disgusting, distasteful, aggravating and absurd. These inane statements reflect the overly dark minds of soulless worthless vagabonds. Heart-felt sympathy to the relatives and friends of the deceased.


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  2. when will St. Lucians know their time and place? A young woman has died. Keep you’ll irrelevant comments for another forum. Condolences to the Family of Ms. Charlery

  3. What a sad thing. So close to the gap. I can only guess the driver fell asleep or some other mechanical issue. RIP young lady.

  4. I wonder which one of us did he consider to be his personal woman because I didn’t know about her and I don’t think she knew about me? so many questions, my heart is aching. Or was she offered a ride? Our man got a lot of questions piling up. Rest peacefully young lady? Lord comfort her family?

    • Torn apart it’s only normal to feel the way u do, but focus on her family as this passing is really sad…I wonder if she had any kids…well guess I will know as the information is available…. condolences to friends and family….jus stay focused young lady hold ur head up high u are in charge of ur emotions…live life well..always give thanks to your Maker…

    • You’re a shameless idiot for posting this comment. Talk about women being women’s own worst enemy. Can’t you deal with this with “your” “man” privately? heartless woman!

      • Dear Torn Apart,

        Grief does not excuse you stupidity. You are dumb as a doorknob if you think that comment is even relevant at this time!

      • Hurt, surprise, disappointment, can cause people to say and do a lot of inappropriate things. Watch the news, it’s filled with examples of people acting out on strong emotion. That is what ‘torn apart’ might be feeling. Those who feel it know it.

        I don’t know which you are feeling but your comment is 100% inappropriate and unnecessary.

      • Hurt, surprise, disappointment, can cause people to say and do a lot of inappropriate things. Watch the news, it’s filled with examples of people acting out on strong emotion. That is what ‘torn apart’ might be feeling. Those who feel it know it.
        I don’t know which you are feeling but your comment is 100% inappropriate and unnecessary.

    • To torn apart the nerve of you to come and post this while this girl family is grieving. How u so sure that was even your man. Uh? Let the girls family grieve. How insensitive are you!!!! Mama teweng!!

    • Torn apart go? with ur sad n sorry self U not left side right side… The guy’s girlfriend/ child mother not even commenting… N here is not the place for that either

  5. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    And they sang a new song with these words: “You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it. For you were slaughtered, and your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

    – Revelation 5: 9

  6. I leave across courts marisule… my bf and I was in the balcony when it happened… he was coming from Rodney bay with a speed while the young lady was running across the road he tried his best to swing on the other side with his intentions not to hit her but with another car coming down he had to swing back to his lane quickly… thats how the car ended up flipping…. the securities at courts shouted oh shate it landed on the girl and ran to lift it up my bf and the neighbour ran to help raise the car while the driver forced his self out n passed out on the grass the car was heavy and the fire was already getting out of control the girl was alive but no one cud have saved her the ambulance came like 45 minutes later their cud not have done anything except help the driver and the fire engine came an hour plus late the car had already exploded when their arrived…. SO TORN APART DO YOUR MATHS B4 U COME AND LEAVE UR SILLY COMMENTS

    • You live across courts marisule and you up at 3 am in the balcony. Assuming your story is true: what maji noir you and your bf was doing?

      Anyways your story sounds more plausible that the story of the girl being flung out of the vehicle then being crushed.

    • sigh Leysel .. what were u even doing on the road at this hr ;(.. nothing makes sense ..this shouldn’t have been you ..u didnt deserve this kind of death :'(

    • The article and your testimony doesn’t seem to add up…. St. Lucia Times I suggest a tad bit more investigation… Was she in the vehicles or not? @ torn apart I’m sorry you have to ask such questions in this type of forum however if a relationship, relation raft or canoe has to come to such questions do yourself a favour sail away…. To the family of Ms Charley my heart goes out you…may you find strength in these trying times…. And to everyone commenting let us bear in mind that there are people hurting so be nice.

      • Who cares if she was walking or in the car , she was a mother and some one daughter. All the negative comments are people that are insensitive to what this lady family is going through.get a life and pray that is not your family who is grieving.

    • ‘According to reports, she was ejected from the vehicle which then fell on her, trapping her as it burst into flames.’ (SNO)
      “while the young lady was running across the road he tried his best to swing on the other side.” (Lucians)

      I prefer the second explanation.

    • At 3 am the road is basically empty, soi how could someone not safely cross the road. She didnt hear the only car coming, and there was another car coming too?? really. so u mean there were two cars coming and she decided to cross the road. then that girl was off. Or you plain lying. What was she doing on the road alone at that time??She came from shopping at courts? and to me there arent residential houses across from courts. HAHA. good one but try again

  7. Torn Apart you are so classless, heartless and tactless. Why are you so quick to jump to conclusions? Unless you’re his wife please be quiet.

  8. I know the girl she’s married and has a child. She cheats on her husband with various guys . Regardless if she was inside or outside the vehicle what’s a young married mother doing out there so late

  9. How was she ejected from the vehicle? Does that mean she was not wearing a seatbelt? If she was not wearing a seatbelt then the aspect of criminal negligence should be considered by the investigators.

  10. Lovely young lady I remember her from the car wash opposite courts. Happy she got a proper better job at the gas station. Leaving the car wash was the best thing she did. May God bless her and her family.

    • Car wash opposite Courts. Dead opposite courts, neighbour near courts saw a drifferent story happen. Awa for that Courts location boy thats a “zeh zeh” there man

  11. I am shocked and saddened at the young lady’s death but even more shocked at some of my fellow St. Lucians. Lucians at one time people from other countries used to respect us because of those who had gone before us. What legacy are we leaving for our children and the generations to come. Shame on us!

  12. A young mother died in a terrible way. Leave it at that people, if you have personal issues with her, or the driver or anyone else, discuss it in PRIVATE with the relevant people, this is not the place for anybody’s personal vendetta.

  13. It’s jus sad it ended like this….who are u idiots to judge the young woman. What was she doin out so late??? Is that anyone’s business…Courts has cameras and will say what went wrong that tragic morning….for the ones jumping to conclusions…..get something better to do with u all time…A mother, an only child, a friend, a companion is gone…..have some decency for the family grieving….R.I.P. My girl

  14. I shall not generalize. I do not want to appear condescending. A percentage of us should make better use of the internet. Before we press submit, read the comment aloud. Really, is the vulgarity necessary? Shush not in style anymore?
    I came here to find out about this because I heard about it while travelling today. It sounded like a movie. Oh my. Even with an lol a few comments here should not be posted. Really? In this heat, at 2:00 am. I am showering again. The person was at his or her home with his or her bf. Focus on the message. In fact, it does show that we still live in a relatively safe country if you can go out at 3:00 a.m.

    Then again, school is not open yet. People can choose angles of the article to examine and comment on. We all will not comment on the same thing – that’s why it’s a comment and discuss forum.

  15. Many of us might not understand. You need to have a relationship with God and read your bible to know what’s happening in this last days on earth. This accident was a sacrifice by a lodge man. Time that happened, fornication even if she wasn’t with her husband, the way that happen, driver escaped.

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