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Dedication Of Mindoo Phillip Monument Announced

Press Release:-  A dedication of the Mindoo Phillip Monument and hand-over ceremony of the “Monument” to the Castries Constituency Council, will take place at the Mindoo Phillip Park at 3 pm on Saturday the 9th of February, 2019.

The activity coincides with events for the observance of Saint Lucia’s 40th Independence Anniversary.

Officials of Cricket West Indies, Government and sporting officials, as well as members of the family of the late Mindoo Phillip, will be in attendance.

This Monument was erected in honour of Francis “Mindoo” Phillip, regarded as the greatest Saint Lucian Sportsman of his time who represented Saint Lucia in Cricket and Football in various capacities, with distinction for over twenty-five years.

True, there have been quite a few whose achievements earned them greater acclaim, especially on the international scene. And while Mindoo did not have the distinction of even being selected on the West Indies cricket team, no other personality has been able to dominate the field of sport, and command the adulation that this product of Marchand had during his heyday.

In 1947, he was first picked on the island side, to 1955 where Mindoo shined as a batsman.

Writing in the publication “Outstanding Sports Personalities of St. Lucia,” Rupert J. Branford noted that Mindoo was able to complement his batting skill with all-round ability as a stock bowler, wicket keeper, and specialist slip fieldsman. “But it was not only at cricket that Mindoo was outstanding. He also represented Saint Lucia at football, both as goal keeper and left wing. It was Mindoo who was responsible for Saint Lucia’s first win over Barbados in 1963,” Branford writes.

After retiring from cricket Mindoo Philip served sports in Saint Lucia as Referee, Umpire, President of the Marchand Football League, Grounds man and National Cricket Coach.

In March 1979 following Saint Lucia’s Independence in February of that year, Victoria Park which was at the time the island’s main sporting facility, was renamed Mindoo Phillip Park in his honour. Upon his death, he was buried at the park and a monument erected on site.


  1. Why dont you fix this embarrasing place dont call it a stadium when its really a pig den.Have the face to walk around the place visit the toilets area,tell me if our school children and future athletes deserve this? Spectators,better said mothers and fathers that come to see their school children participate in sport activities,have to balance on a plank of wood,like chickens,nothing has changed from the old days of colonialism.We have around 4000 school children that are forced to use this pig pen,because we have not been able to develop anything better,Our leaders are pathetic,no sence or prority for our social issues,shame to all those responsible for this monument of disaster

  2. Mango, you think that is an accomplishment. If Teo Ah King wanted to come up to Marchand Chastanet would bulldoze the field for hia convenience. Only house slaves can be fooled by that. It is the government’s responsibility to do things like that. The statue was already done all he had to do was put it up. I hope he does the same and open the two hospitals that are already built. Try to think like a Saint Lucuan and not an ignorant 43%. Chastanet have you fooled with his false competition. Go on believing the superficiality, we are fully awake to advocate for your future and your trail a load of children.

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