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Defiant Maduro Appears With Soldiers

BBC News:– Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has appeared flanked by soldiers at an army base in Caracas, in a show of defiance towards his opponents.

Mr Maduro called on the armed forces to defeat “any coup plotter”, as clashes between opposition supporters and pro-government forces continued.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó tried on Wednesday to spark a military rebellion and force Mr Maduro from office.

Mr Guaidó has urged public employees to strike to undermine the government.

But Mr Maduro praised the army’s loyalty. “No-one dare touch our sacred ground or bring war to Venezuela”, he said.

In January, Mr Guaidó declared himself Venezuela’s interim leader and he has the support of more than 50 countries including the US, UK and most Latin America nations.

As the head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, he invoked the constitution to assume an interim presidency, arguing that Mr Maduro’s re-election last year was illegitimate.

But Mr Maduro – who is backed by Russia, China and the leaders of Venezuela’s military – has refused to cede power.

The president dismissed a claim by US defence secretary Mike Pompeo that he had been ready to flee the country, and accused the US of directing an attempted coup.

On Wednesday, both pro- and anti-government supporters held demonstrations in Caracas that were initially peaceful.

There were reports of gunfire in the city, and a local NGO, the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, said Jurubith Rausseo, 27, had been shot dead during a rally in the opposition stronghold of Altamira.

At least 46 people were injured in clashes between opposition supporters and the security forces.


  1. Defiant? Woah there buddy. The soldiers aren’t defiant. They’re merely doing what they swore to do.


    Well ‘…brutal leaders’ must also have the support of a ‘…brutal military’ to subjugate its people and opponents.

    Then there are also ‘…brutal operatives; …supporters; …friends; …nations and organizations, including CARICOM.’

    They often stand aside and watch ‘…brutal dictators’ mercilessly starved, crushed and killed ‘…man; …woman and child.’

    As it relates to ‘…CARICOM,’ its members continue to hide wimpily behind ‘…treaties; …foreign relations and a non-intervention stance in not meddling in internal or domestic affairs.

    Though not alone, such stance means, ‘…Dictatorial Defiance; …Death and Destruction’ to the hapless and hopeless people.

    Likened to the moral in the social commentary by the Mighty Sparrow [BG WAR], ‘…I aint care if de whole of BG (British Guyana) bun dung; …I aint care if the whole Bookers bun dung; …But dey will be putting me out me way; …If they tackle Tiger Bay; …An bun dung me hotel where all me wahbine does stay’ [February 15, 1962: Ethnic Riot in British Guiana].

    Apply to ‘…CARICOM,’ its members appear not to care if the Venezuelan President massacre everyone that opposes him, so long as their respective nations continue to benefit from ‘…PetroCaribe.’

  3. The poor soldiers are just putting face for the cameras,scared of being jailed or shot by Maduro.Thats the way hes handling the country,by force and fear.

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