Demand increases for Saint Lucian sea moss

Press Release: Due to the rising popularity of sea moss on the international markets, Saint Lucia is experiencing an increase in demand.

Following a meeting held with sea moss farmers from the community of Aupicon, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources, and Cooperatives, visited the sea moss plots in the south of the island.

Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North, Hon. Gale Rigobert, stressed the importance of economic empowerment and reassured farmers of government’s support.

“We are now at the juncture where we must address regulations, because there has been rapid growth in sea moss farming. Issues like protecting existing farmers, demarcating farms, and assisting farmers to get greater yields have surfaced.”

Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, explained that with the growing demand for sea moss, the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to assisting with the issues currently being faced.

The ministry felt it was important to observe, first hand, the problems that farmers encounter so as to remedy them. It was quite an informative visit,” Minister Joseph said.

The minister stressed on the importance of regulating operations to ensure adherence to standards to ensure the quality of the product.

“The mere fact that there is an international demand for our sea moss means we must maintain our standards,” he said.

The site visits to sea moss plots in Praslin and Savannes Bay took place on June 17.


  1. Government involvement acts like a killer virus. They killed ginger, they killed sea egg harvesting now they’re onto sea moss.Wait for the obituary…

  2. I am a St Lucian living in England and normally make seamoss shake and drink weekly but since the corona pandemic, it has been exceptionally hard to purchase seamoss in London. My regular shop has not had it for over a 2 months now. I have tried lots of shops but some have never heard of seamoss and the others have also ran out of stock. One of the clerks at the store I went to buy it told me that lots of customers had come in to look for it but there has been none. Jamaica exports seamoss to England so can St Lucia. Corona has taught us that St Lucia exports very little.

  3. Farmers should buy from other Islands to prepare and ship out. Ask if other Islanders
    would be willing to farm and sell to St.Lucian Farmers. Ask and it shall be given to you.

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