Friday, February 21, 2020

Dennery Credit Union ‘Thriving’ Amid Global Economic Challenges

Press Release:– Despite the challenges and uncertainty in the global economy, the Credit Union continues to thrive. One of these thriving local financial institutions is the Dennery Credit Cooperative Society Limited.

On Saturday 22nd July 2019,  The Dennery Community Credit Cooperative Society Limited will be hosting its Annual General Meeting at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School from 4pm to appraise members of its continued success.

The General Body is the highest decision making body of the organization and is made up of Members who are all shareholders of the Dennery Credit Cooperative .

As a result, all members are urged to come be part of the proceedings as there are important matters to be discussed and serious decisions to be taken. Members will be furnished with comprehensive reports from the various Committees and better understand the operations of the organization.

In addition, all members will be treated to cocktails and other treats and Entertainment as the Dennery Credit Cooperative shows appreciation to its members for their continued support and patronage.

The first 100 attendees at the Annual General Meeting will receive a free gift compliments the Dennery Credit Cooperative.

The Dennery Credit Cooperative continues to serve its members and environs economically, educationally and socially and looks forward to continuing the creation of a positive impact in Dennery and it’s environs.


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