VIDEO: Dennery Fishers Make Another Significant Catch

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Dennery fishers have landed another significant catch, hauling in several Tuna and Blue Marlins.

One of the successful fishers was Boniface Evans, alias ‘BH‘.

Another was Vernon Samuel.

He told St Lucia Times he made his catch some 20 miles off Saint Lucia.

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But Samuel, who owns two boats, explained that it was challenging because the sea was rough.

“Going out there was very difficult – dealing with big waves. For the past few days the sea has been very rough,” he told St Lucia Times.

He said one of the crews caught three tunas and a blue marlin.

However Samuel said his crew caught nine tunas and one marlin.

One of the blue marlins weighed 240 pounds.

Nevertheless, the veteran fisher said the catch was not unprecedented.

He explained that there’s no secret to being a successful fisher.

“It’s not a secret. It’s about always having material, having fishing gear, spending some money in getting fishing gear,” Samuel stated.

But he disclosed that because of the impact of COVID-19, the market for fish has shrunk.

According to Samuel, wholesalers and hotels are no longer buying fish as they used to.

“They are not buying because the hotels are closed,” he lamented.

However, Samuel said Lucian Blue Ocean Seafoods said they would buy his catch.

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