Saturday, February 22, 2020

Dennery Hosts Successful Farmers Market

Press Release:– The Taiwan Technical Mission together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives hosted the first Farmers Market of 2020 in Dennery at the Agricultural Extension office located opposite Valton Hardware.

The event which happened on Wednesday 29th January 2020 began at 8am and ended at 6pm and it was a big success for both the local community and farmers.  

There were farmers from all over the region who came to sell their produce.

Many brought fruits and vegetables like lettuce, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, plantains, citrus and many other root crops.

There were also persons who sold vegan cakes and baked goods, ice cream, sorbets, local wines and honey.

The highlight of the event showcased the Clendon Mason Secondary school which made and distributed several unique goods produced by the students themselves.

The Food and Nutrition students, together with Mrs. Ram made creative dishes such as watermelon lemonade, pineapple upside down cake, cabbage spring rolls, lettuce tacos, pineapple jam drops, and chocolate covered fruits.

The students really enjoyed themselves throughout the day and were able to attract a large crowd of persons who were able to patronize their booth. The school and other students also came to the farmers’ market to show their support and school spirit.

In addition to the sale of goods, the ministry of health also provided the residents of Dennery with free blood pressure testing, blood sugar testing and weight monitoring.

Many persons were able to come and get their health checked by these means. They were then given advice on how to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward.

The event also attracted the attention of the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and they went around interviewing several participants of the Farmers’ Market including the Project Coordinator, Taiwanese volunteers, Farmers and Students. The interviews will soon be aired on local television.

This type of interview brings awareness to the project but also conveys the feelings of the participants.

Additionally, the Farmers Market had two watermelon eating competitions with one round of Primary School students and another with a round of Secondary School Students.

The Winners were awarded selected fruits as a reward for first place.

All participants in the competition were also awarded t-shirts.

Farmers who participated in the Farmers Market also received prizes for being the earliest and most productive participants.

Each of the farmers also expressed their appreciation for the event and their willingness to attend future markets.

The next farmers market will be held at the Constitution Park on Friday 28th February.

Please come out and support our local farmers and receive some free samples of their value-added goods



  1. Really!! Does the Ministry of Agriculture need the assistance of a foreign country to organize a Farmers Market?

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