Saturday, December 7, 2019

Dennery Murder Victim Identified

Saint Lucia police have identified Saint Lucia’s latest murder victim as St Omer Abbott, 62.

Police say they were summoned to his residence at Grand Ravine, Dennery, about 10.00 am Saturday morning where his body was discovered lying in a pool of blood.

There were multiple lacerations on the deceased and what appeared to be gunshot wounds, a law enforcement official told St Lucia Times.

It is reported that a note was found near the body with the message: ‘When u owe u must pay!’

Abbot is said to have been discovered by a relative who went to his home to check on him.

A photo of a male individual lying face down on the blood covered white tiled floor near a stove in a kitchen, has been posted on social media.

Sources told St Lucia Times that there appeared to have been no forced entry into Abbott’s home.



  1. SLT, can you get the accurate homicide statistics from the police? Inquiring minds want to know. Are you complicit with the relevant authorities of obfuscating this specific information? Where in the country are most of these murders taking place? People have the right to this information so that they will be forewarned. An enlightened people will do the necessary things to protect themselves from all harm and danger. As a responsible media outlet, help the people to help themselves. Don’t be just stenographic .

  2. Human rights people, work out something with our justice department, help to revise laws for these criminals; yes we need law reforms, to deal with crime!

  3. “You owe…you pay”? Closed case. People don’t argue over money any more. The youth are hired guns for a loaf of bread. Keep an eye out for the criminals that find heaven in St. Lucia. Lucian in general are soft harted people. We all know who are the “Badman” growing up and respect them accordingly. Anyone who comes out of town to commit such atrocities should be dealt with a mental fiest by the locals if caught red handed. Please attain better in order that your children attain better. If you have nothing…what more can you expect from your seeds. Pray that they meet someone and have kids with a family that has something…while not being regulated to their mother 1 room shark.


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