Friday, September 30, 2022

Dennery Police Station & Dennery Stakeholders Committee Distribute Care Packages

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The Dennery Police Station and the Dennery Stakeholders Committee teamed up and contributed care packages to members of the Dennery community on Saturday.

The packages included groceries and mattresses.

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According to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), the intent of the initiative was to bridge the gap between the community and the police, by alleviating the needs of individuals whom officers serve.

“By displaying their care for community members, the committee and police hope to spread the spirit of good will, and encourage others to be each other’s keeper. Believing in the concept of each one helps one, they believe that communities can become stronger and ultimately realise a reduction in crime,” an RSLPF release said.

The Dennery Stakeholders Committee  says it was conceptualised in March 2021 – the brainchild of the Youth Officer for Dennery, Miss Zepphra Williams and new incoming Sgt 322 Callix Xavier of the Dennery police station.

According to a release from the committee, the two collaborated  with a vision to focus on community development by having the entire community involved in crime fighting by bridging the gap between the police and the community in an effort to make Dennery a safer place for all.

The need for such a committee arose due to the rise in criminal activity in the community coupled with the low public confidence in the police at the Dennery Police Station, the release stated.

It disclosed that members were recruited from the community – business owners, religious leaders, educators, police officers, leaders from sports and youth organizations, other Non-governmental organization leaders as well as the social transformation officer attached to the region.

“Together, a total of thirty-one unique individuals combine their various skills, talents and experiences, to work towards the common goal of the committee,” the release observed.

On April 21, 2021, the newly formed committee met virtually in observance of the COVID-19 protocols where members were briefed on the reason for forming such a committee and the community benefits which are expected to be derived from the formation of the Dennery Stakeholders Committee.

At the meeting an executive was selected to spearhead the committee.  The executive included Miss Zenith Edward (President), Pastor Gibson Ishmael (Vice President), Miss Mary Flavien (Treasurer), Mr. Peterson Alban Estephane ( PRO), Miss Desma Williams ( Social Media co-ordinator) and Miss Jeraline Joseph (Secretary).

The committee developed a vision:  To see the police and community collaborating to nurture the holistic development of all.

“This vision keeps members focused on their ultimate goal,” the committee statement said.

A mission statement was also formulated:  To develop a community where the members and the police work together to create a safe, nurturing environment and foster community pride. Through this mission members are guided as to what they hope to achieve by the initiatives of the committee.

“The committee hit the ground running with the upsurge of criminal activity in Dennery particularly among the youth.  Immediately meetings were held where members investigated the possible root causes of such unrest.  They suggested a number of activities and initiatives which they could undertake which would address the issue.  Among those initiatives and activities were; organizing a Dennery leg of the Police Rising Stars to target the youth, prayer drives, food drives, engaging the youth in art and beautification programs, mentoring opportunities for the youth, social visits to families in the community, positive social media messages addressing crime, positive police presence in the community just to name a few,” it was noted.

“A Facebook page was created to inform the community of the Dennery Stakeholders Committee.  This social media platform is used to highlight the work of the committee and encourage residents of the community to embrace the initiatives of the Dennery Stakeholders Committee. ”

Through the collaboration of the committee members and the engagement of the youth in positive initiatives, negative community issues can be addressed promptly and efficiently.  This collaboration will definitely make the Dennery Stakeholders Committee achieve its Vision of holistic development of all residents of Dennery as well as fostering community pride, the Stakeholders Committee observed.

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