Department Of Infrastructure Responds To Public Concern Over Marchand Road Project

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The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport has noted concern expressed by some members of the public over the Marchand Main Road Rehabilitation project currently underway.

We would like to assure the public that what is currently seen is NOT the final surface. However, the periods of inclement weather over the past two weeks have delayed the commencement of the second phase.

So far, the contractor has identified and corrected the soft spots on the roadway, and the current layer of asphalt is the surface layer, meant to level out the road before the final layer is applied. This surface layer also serves the purpose of controlling dust and improve the rideability of the roadway.

The next phase, expected to commence in the coming days, will involve the application of the final layer of asphalt called the ‘wearing course’ and drain repairs along the Marchand Main Road, along with the installation of the necessary, signs, speed calming devices and road markings.

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Motorists and pedestrians are urged in the interim to exercise caution when traversing the Marchand Main Road, and to adhere to Saint Lucia’s Traffic Laws.

The Department of Infrastructure regrets any inconveniences that have been caused to the public so far as a result of the roadworks and will advise on the commencement of the next phase.

SOURCE: Department of Infrastructure. Headline photo courtesy

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  1. Prime Minister we Marigot people are asking for a by-election so we can have a district rep to represent us and repair the roads.

    • Y’all UWPs eh ashame? Update . . . Marigot road will be addressed very, very soon (if it has not started as yet). Additionally, work on the multipurpose center will recommence after UWP stopped that project when they got in. I hope when the road and center is completed you will come here and give praise.

  2. This read so unprofessional. This was written with no input frOm a technical person at the ministry. It is NOT the contractor’s responsibility to recognise soft spots. This is done by the minitry’s technical staff. Or is the ministry just there as a smoke screen to fool the ppl and the lil coolie is being allowed to do what he wants. The truth is He has projects all over Lucia is doing as he pleases. So he wanted to shut up ppl so did this piece meal job and will be back when he feels like i. 2 days ago this very media Warned Lucia of Heat wave but u short lying prick talking about rain. CHOOOOOPPPPPZZZZ

  3. I know the short prick is reading this… this contractor has no name?! Btw….what on Gods rock of an island is happening along the vigie stretch….could you or big blue explain what the hell is happening there ? Please and thank you

  4. What bold lies it seems the department of infrastructure lives on another planet there has been blazing sun for the past how many days so how was the project unable to continue. Chpzz just hv ppl taking shaking dust every day I eh know wam to these devils, these Jesuits bunch of liars.

  5. it seems that infrastructure department is in another country . for the past 2 weeks all we have had was blazing sun. we just want to create more traffic as school open


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