Derek Chauvin Bail Set At $1.25 Million

CNN:- Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin appeared virtually in a Minneapolis court Monday, where the Judge Jeannice Reding granted prosecutor’s motion to set unconditional bail at $1.25 million, or $1 million with conditions.

Those conditions include being law-abiding, making future appearances, not working in a security or law enforcement capacity, surrendering fire arms or ammunition and any fire arm permit, not to leave the Minnesota, and no contact with George Floyd’s family.

He would also need to waive extradition upon his release.

The defense did not object to the prosecutor’s bail proposal.

Chauvin — who pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes — was arrested last month and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Last week, prosecutors added a second-degree murder charge.


  1. White cop with a name like chauvin u’re guaranteed to be a chauvinistic pig….this isn’t a coincident!

  2. I hope a go fund me is started to help raise bail. It’s a shame to see everyone turn against him. He was doing his job. A tough job at that.

    • You hope a GoFundMe is started, why don’t you step forward and start one then Sparky. Don’t hold out too much hope for a successful response, Chauvin is toxic and most rational thinking humans know that! You might be Just Saying… but you really aren’t SAYING MUCH!

  3. This demon should not be let out of prison. He is wickedly evil. God forbid. Do not let him out. He will be laughing in your faces.

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