Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Deryck Murray Believes Drastic Changes Needed For West Indies Cricket

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Sportsmax:- Former West Indies wicketkeeper, Deryck Murray, believes drastic structural changes must be implemented in order for the team to have any hope of regaining its place among the elites of international cricket.

Earlier this week regional cricket governing body Cricket West Indies (CWI) announced the decision to replace lead selector Roger Harper and Miles Bascombe, following a disastrous showing at the ICC T20 World Cup earlier this year, and subsequent fruitless tours of Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

For Murray, however, the decisions may not run deep enough in tackling the substance of the issue.

“Yeah, they’re going to change the selectors, but are they going to exchange some for others or is it going to be a real radical change in the way West Indies cricket is run,” Murray queried on the Mason and Guest radio program.

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“If our cricket is ever going to improve, the first thing to do is to get the board structure right.  The way the board is constituted now, at least three reports have been absolutely clear, The Patterson report, the Caricom Report, and the Wehby report all have said exactly the same thing, the structure, and composition of the West Indies board has to change,” he added.

“The way it’s constructed at the moment, all you are going to get is people vying to get people picked who are their friends or come from the same territories and we’re not going anywhere.”

Fourteen years ago, former Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson, Sir Alister McIntyre, and Dr. Ian McDonald produced a Governance Report, which listed 65 recommendations to improve West Indies cricket.

At the time, the document was dismissed as not relevant by the then administration.  In 2015, a Caricom Governance of Cricket report was submitted by a panel chaired by Professor V Eudine Barriteau, which included former President of the Caribbean Court of Justice Sir Denis Byron, Murray, Warren Smith, and Dwain Gill.

Two years ago, another report, conducted by an independent task force led by former Jamaica Senator Don Wehby, which also included Sir Hilary Beckles, O.K Melhado, Charles Wilkin QC, and Murray, produced 36-pages of recommedations that also pointed to the need for structural reforms.

The majority of the recommendations from any of the three documents are yet to be implemented.

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  1. Mr Murray, ravi shastri from india said once in his commentary that in the days West Indies could have shake a coconut tree and it will drop a fast bowler or a batsman but they have been shaking those trees for many years not and its not producing. While i sanction and endorse your call, the delinquency in the system will not change in the foreseen future we will fall well below where by the ICC will place us WI into the associated teams to build our way. The being said, the current WI team clearly display zero unity into our Caricom member state and where one believe they are above the others hence forth the current result. We market Lara as the best ever cricketer and fail tremendously in leadership, from the time Richard Richardson leave the WI captaincy we keep shaking the coconut tree, sammy bring some hope but what the assholes did kick him like shit just like shiv. are those leader have any dignity or qualities?

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