Desir Acknowledges Need For Outside Help Amid Violent Crime Wave

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has acknowledged the need for outside help amid Saint Lucia’s current violent crime wave.

The country has recorded 41 homicides this year, including three fatal police shootings.

“At that point I think we need some help whichever way whether it is in the region or internationally to solve these issues,” Desir told reporters on Monday.

“I know a lot of the homicides cannot be prevented but however I think the police action should be to solve those homicides. Persons identify the individuals and bring them into justice,” the Police Commissioner explained.

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He disclosed that the Regional Security System (RSS) is assisting in investigating some cases.

But in terms of RSS officers who were here to assist in patrols and searches, Desir said the 12-member contingent left on Sunday after their three-week stint in Saint Lucia.

“They added to the numbers that we had,” he stated.

He acknowledged that stiffer penalties for gun-related crime should serve as a deterrent but asserted that the effect might not be immediate.

“When those persons have been arrested and taken to court and the court administers those penalties then you may see the deterrence,” the Police Commissioner told reporters.

Desir spoke against the backdrop of the circulation on social media of a music video in which individuals, some of them masked, issue explicit threats.

The Police Commissioner, who told reporters he had not at the time seen the video, asserted that criminals were becoming bolder.

At the same time he spoke of the need for a holistic approach to dealing with crime.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Outside help is needed asap to deal with the criminal elements and gangs .. St. Lucia is 238 square miles and the following is true ….
    familiarity breeds contempt
    I just read of the British citizen residing in Chousiel who came to help the island of St. Lucia and has now become a homicide statistic..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. The start of one of the world leading murder rates began with the SLP in power as far back as 1997 when part of their strategy to gain power and wealth was to condone the worst of behaviour in our citizens, in order to get votes. Violence vulgar language poor work ethic weed smoking laziness breakdown of families all part of the SLP strategy to this date.
    Since then it has only escalated as our morals and behaviour on all levels mirrors the attitude of the upper echelon of the SLP. Just look at the racism and xenophobia of the elections which continues even to today.
    You only have to look at the composition of their Cabinet to see that the same immoral attitude still prevails. Imagine in their Cabinet an individual who is refused a visa from the US authorities and worst still to show how degraded we are as a people look at the number of Lucians who at the drop of a hat are there to praise that depraved individual. Says a lot about what a society we are.
    In tandem with their crass vulgar bottom dwelling mindset they are also incompetent clueless parisitical mismanagers.
    Inflation at almost 15%, wages buying less and less every day, jobs being loss, declining tourism with no cruise ships in port, increased cost of fuel and food and more borrowing in Parliament.
    What is their answer- just mindless spewing of soundbites from their election campaign. Not one sensible commonsense policy or strategy to get us out of the mess they created and are getting messier by the day.
    And where are the brown skinned upper middle class who helped to put them in power? All of a sudden – silence! Archaelogical society? Academics? Empty talkers sitting in their Vigie and Rodney Bay mansions – where are they now with their ‘advice’ and negativity? All mute yet no shame at their lack of contributions to our development.
    But we like it so!

  3. Poor Desir, again showing his incompetence. A cycle riding cop turn commissioner based on political affiliation and remains there for becoming Tarzan. The man is clueless and doesn’t have the backing of his rank and file officers, so we are doomed when it comes to solving the crime situation.
    As another on this thread noted he is not entirely to blame since the whole force is dysfunctional. Since Calyxte George, St Lucia has not had an effective Minister of National Security. I must say Mondesir tried during his short stint, but apart from that, from 2000, we have had failure after failure when it comes to national security.

  4. That’s what happens when persons are employed based on political qualifications and not competence. Desir should have allowed himself to remain in retirement rather than be the embarrassment that he has become. The worst police commissioner Saint Lucia has ever had!! By far.

    What foreign help do you need when you have not utilized your men effectively. Mostly all of them useless people do nothing. To date it is said that you have no crime fighting plan. If that is so how on earth do you expect to deal with the criminals. Man you have collected your money – it’s time to go. Anyone can take over that dysfunctional organization from you – it can’t get worst than that.

  5. This man should leave the post and let someone who is ready to take up the mantle of fighting crime in this country. His an embrassment to the position clueless cop

  6. Desir is the low lying fruit we love to pick. He should not bear all the blame for St. Lucia’s security failures. I can easily think of two previous security ministers who failed at their tasks. These men were suppose to provide direction and resources to the force. Those ministers were managers. What we have today is a culmination of neglect over many years. A total breakdown of discipline has occurred. Corrupt politicians letting their supporters openly violate the laws…this happens almost everyday. Example dangerous vending structures on the sidewalks that threaten to hurt passersby. We must face it. We did it to ourselves.
    Just imagine, a new law that is meant to halt the proliferation of illegal guns. Why is a fine among the options to avoid prison?
    It sends out a message that the gang boss and the rich have a get out of jail card. We are doing it to ourselves.

  7. Please Mr Cop define what external help is required to address violent crime on the island.
    Remember the fiasco of the British cops, Remember the legalised murder of so called notorious criminals .
    Desir becareful what you wish for .

  8. I stopped reading when this clueless commissioner acknowledged the need for outside help. What a shame on your Police service and the government, that they will call in foreigners to wash their dirty clothes…I do admit that there is an issue in relation to crime in St Lucia and indeed something needs to be done. The Police is being paid by public finances to do what they are employed to do ..serve the public and do their duty…how long have those in authority sat on their laurels for decades and never furnished the security forces with the necessary tools and training needed to keep up to speed with the criminals. What major advances have they implemented in the force to combat crime? What training does those in the force have to combat crime? What innovations are the police developing to combat crime? And while I believe the battle against crime starts in the home….it none the less has to be combatted on the streets too….It is a crying shame and an indictment on your houses….both Prime Minister and the Commissioner…you know what the problem is with our leaders? They are hopeless and can not move the country forward….when ones listens to their polemic, one wonders if one is listening to a kindergarteners… despite the fact some of them are lawyers by profession. Sadly, we churn out the same useless leaders half a decade in, half a decade out while we watch Saint Lucia burn slowly.. what an embarrassment..

  9. so every time Desir had issued warnings to the criminals saying ” We will not tolerate…..” or ” We are sending a strong message to you out there….” yada yada yada……so now we need outside help?? only now u all see that??? i thought u all alone kuda handle it….oh boy oh boy we in serious problems here…its time we take our voices to the streets…we need better active administration to solve the crime wave


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