Thursday, September 29, 2022

Desir: Criminals, Unruly Characters Will Not Deter Police

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Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, has declared that ‘criminals’ and ‘unruly characters’ will not deter police from their duties.

Desir spoke Friday after recent incidents in Soufriere and Gros Islet.

In both communities, curfew violators pelted officers with bottles and other missiles.

As a result, police arrested and charged several individuals.

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“”We will not allow criminals or unruly characters to prevent us from carrying out our functions,” Desir warned.

Desir told citizens that officers are there to assist them, maintain law and order and prevent, detect and solve crime.

“We cannot achieve these objectives and make people feel safe when these behaviours are being displayed by members of the public,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Desir noted that individuals who are not involved in a matter come along and obstruct the police.

He explained that Saint Lucia does not have an army, defence force or national guard.

Desir said the police are all the country has.

And he said he supported the actions of the police in the two recent incidents.

Desir also asserted that he will continue to support officers in actions that are necessary to perform their duties.

At Baron’s Drive, Soufriere on Sunday, individuals at an after curfew event pelted police with bottles and other missiles.

And they damaged a police vehicle in the process.

A similar incident occurred at Gros Islet Thursday night.

But this time, a police officer and two civilians sustained injuries.

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