Thursday, October 6, 2022

Desir Denies NCOPT ‘Selective Policing’ Accusation

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has denied the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) accusation that officers are engaged in ‘selective policing’ by targetting minibus drivers for COVID-19 protocol violations while failing to act on matters of piracy and crimes against bus operators.

The NCOPT accusations came after the council said police recently issued some 20 tickets in about four days to bus operators.

The Police Commissioner revealed that he had a meeting with NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand, who made a complaint.

“What I understood and what he explained to me is that those persons are actually operating outside of the protocols,” Desir stated.

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In this regard, Desir said the police would enforce the law.

“We are not targetting any particular group or class of persons,” the Police Commissioner told reporters.

He warned that police officers would challenge individuals who violate the confinement and bus passenger loads protocols and issue a ticket to the transgressors.

Desir disclosed that officers are issuing tickets and warning violators as well.

And he explained that sometimes when the police issue someone with a ticket, it’s after that individual has received several warnings.

“Persons who do not want the police to target them, you act within the protocols,” Desir declared.

He indicated that in the case of the bus operators who received tickets, they carried more than the maximum of ten passengers.

“Persons were carrying full loads. Therefore, we could not allow persons to do as they please – they have to act within the law,” Desir stressed.

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  1. @ interpreter
    exactly especially your last sentence, I also believe drivers can carry a full load if passengers just wear a mask on the bus and keep their god damn mouths shut which is the problem always talking a load of crap which makes them not wearing their mask properly or they coming on the bus without it and talking in people face and once the bus driver sanitizes them.

  2. well mr desir i think differently because while you out there giving the bus drivers those tickets for comiting those offences how do we know that they were warned several times for them to be issued a ticket? also when there are those loads of people by falco and other places no body seeing yall coming and do nothing there and also back to the statement you made about being warned, is it that before all tickets that warnings are issued or is it just the covid protocols cause some of your police officers when they give tickets they give it in a shady manner , if you are parked a certain place for just two seconds and you are sitting in the vehicle the police dont come up and ask you anything instead they stay a mile away and start writing the ticket and then they just come up to your vehicle and just hand you the ticket with no question which i find at times is very shady and unreasonable

  3. Mr. Desir knows that the confinement is garbage!!! Persons are everywhere at all odd hours doing as they please. Before the holiday season, bus operators were transporting persons at full capacity and there was NOT a spike in covid numbers. So this just proves that bus operators are NOT the root cause of covid spike.
    Persons were out there having all their gathering/ parties, including police officers – had their own parties. Now the covid numbers are up.
    WHY do bus drivers have to pay for the non compliance to protocols during the festive season by our people????
    Covid is not a rash. As long as persons wear a mask and sanitize on the buses, there can never be a high rate of infections.
    The Police just naturally target bus operators SMH

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