Thursday, September 29, 2022

Desir: Protocols For Controlled Election Campaigning In The Works

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has disclosed that protocols for election campaigning amid the current COVID-19 pandemic are currently the subject of discussion.

“The CMO, myself and other members of the National Command Centre, we have met and  devised some protocols for campaigns and so on and also the motorcades – what shall be permitted,” Desir told reporters Wednesday.

“It is almost complete because we need to meet with the various stakeholders just to have feedback and then to have it approved. So persons will be allowed to have their motorcade and campaign in a controlled manner,”  he stated.

According to the Police Chief, most likely people will have to apply so that the law enforcement officials would know where the activities are being held in order to police them.

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However he explained that general permission will be given to host the events.

“But it’s just that each individual activity, they will need to apply,” Desir stated.

And he declared that all events that have been held previously without the permission of the Police Commissioner were illegal.

“I am asking that we wait – it will be very soon that these protocols will be in place and persons will be free to do their motorcades, their rallies and so on,” Desir told reporters.

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