Desir Responds To ‘Reactive Policing’ Criticism

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As the body count continues amid a sharp spike in gun violence in Saint Lucia, Police Commissioner Milton Desir has responded to concerned citizens’ criticism that law enforcement officials engage in ‘reactive policing’.

Declaring that crime is not unique to this country, Desir acknowledged that homicide numbers are high.

And he told reporters on Monday that something needs to be done to bring the numbers down.

He spoke against the backdrop of two fatal shootings in Faux A Chaud, Castries, within hours of each other on Sunday and a recent spate of gun violence in Vieux Fort, prompting police operations in the Southern town.

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“I would not say that we are reactive,” Desir stated.

“We have persons who work proactively. We have persons gathering evidence. When we get evidence, we go out there, and you must understand that the police do not have excess police officers. We just have police officers that I would have them come together from different stations just to have that operation for the time. But we cannot sustain it,” he explained.

According to Desir, that’s because of insufficient manpower.

The Police Commissioner explained that in fighting crime, the police would do whatever they can within the law and the means at their disposal while considering citizens’ rights.

But he explained that investigators must get evidence from eyewitnesses or forensics.

“I believe that crime is something for everybody and the persons who are committing crime, they did not just decide to commit crime yesterday. They were brought up into crime, so this is a social issue. I think we have to address it from all angles,” Desir asserted.

“Most of these individuals are unemployed, and I don’t think there’s a way the police can employ those persons. So they must get employment. They must get diversion activities,” he explained.

According to Desir, because they are idle, they commit a crime.

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  1. For I am too ashamed to cast the first stone.
    Repent !
    There is no other names under heaven for man to be saved.
    There is no forgiveness after ‘death’.
    DEATH-Destruction of everlasting hell 🔥fire. Second death, after Judgement.
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    For by the grace given to me-
    For we will all stand before the Judgement ⚖️ seat.
    It is written : “As surely as I live, “says the LORD, every knee will bow before me ; every tongue will confess to GOD”. And every mouth will be shut.
    Yet when I comment ;I cannot bost, for I am compelled to do it.
    Woe to me if I don’t preach the gospel,I know that my comment will not returned to me 🌿 empty (unfulfilled.

    But understand this, blasphemers,mockers and more,
    So you also must be ready, because the Son of man will Come at an hour when you do not expect him.
    You who are destroying the faith of some, will you escape beign Condemned to 🔥hell ❓

  2. Some parents have not done a proper job in raising their children-let’s be honest. Some children come from homes where crime and criminal activity was condoned because that’s how their parents lived. Therefore, how do you expect society to fix a problem which stems and was created and developed in the home. Children learn where they live, children having babies etc. etc. Enough with the “he was a good boy syndrome” — you all parents know exactly what your children are doing. You all know which neighbor bought a refrigerator and a stove by minding their business – but how about what’s going on in your own home ????????–hello

    There is good and bad at every turn in life – however, some through their own fault chose to do evil rather than what is right. Some are also reaping the fruit of generational curses – only GOD can fix you if you want to be fixed. You can bring a horse to the water but you can not make it drink. We all have choices and choices have consequences. EX: if you chose to have more kids than you can afford – how is that the government’s fault when you are living in poverty ?????????–whatever you can not afford it leave it ALONE that’s basic math.

  3. This is exactly NOT want I would be expecting to read from you Mr Desir (COP). Are you seriously putting it out there that the RSLPF is undermanned, stretched beyond capacity, unable to cope, lack of resources and so forth?
    This shouldn’t like many other things that’s happening within the RSLPF be publicised. You are letting the Scams of St Lucia know your weaknesses as an institution and giving them the upper hand.

    “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak”

  4. Simple put, Milton is an embarrassment to the RSLPF. He doesn’t have a clue as to what he is required to do or say in the post of Police Commissioner. What a shame! But you know what, I will blame Hermangild and Chass for forcing Milton on the RSLPF by bringing him back on contract, when he had no special skills or contributions to make. But you might have thought differently when you heard Hermangild speak of Milton’s brilliance and suitability for the job. I guess birds of a feather flock together.

    I hope that Pierre takes note at this colossal mistake by the past administration and do not repeat it. It has been rumored that another Deputy Commissioner on preretirement leave has been Begggging the PM to bring him back. I hope this is what it sounds like – a joke, since this one is worse than Milton is every way imaginable. Did nothing in his time and will do nothing now because has nothing to offer. Clueless!!!!!!!! is an understatement.

  5. Well, Well, Well, I have to admit we in St.Lucia have a Prime Minister and a Police Commissioner who have no clue how to handle the rising crimes in SLU. They seem to be lost for ideas. First, Pierre miscalculated the need of the police and gave them vehicles. He wanted to score some political points but failed to impress the public. Now here is Milton Desire, the same guy who is suppose to lead the Police Services explaining to the public that he is not capable of getting ahead of the criminals. Milton, these criminal activities did not start yesterday (given). How long have you been a commissioner ? How long have you been a police ? Can you show some of the assessments, the controls you have implemented since you have been in this position ? There seem to be too many vulerabilites in the Police services to achieve anything good. Everyone is looking to get promoted without doing much to improve the police services.
    Mr. Prime Minister, enough is enough. There should be no more excuses to get rid of Milton. Contracts have been broken before, and getting rid of Milton will not be the last broken contract. Can you do every St.Lucian a favour, can you demote Milton. I think Lucians are tired of this guy trying to explain his job description on TV. Please let him still wear his uniform without a portfolio.
    Once that is done, half of the criminal acitivies will be addressed. Now, we need a guy with a vision – someone who is capable of record keeping, monitoring, having controls in place to be ahead of the criminals. There are so many ways the criminals can be controlled. I never expect crimes to be eradicated in slu but we can control those criminals. Their lives can be under control. I am not talking about the excuses that Milton is making and the extra vehicles you gave them as a gift. There should be some central database which can track those criminals. They should never be allowed to leave slu with a record. The three strike rules work miracles. Once you have been convicted three times, you are not allowed a passport, no license etc. These are the controls we need to start to think about. We cannot put the good citizens in fear of those bad guys. Monitoring tools should be worn by criminals. Going to Jail should not be the end of the punishment. They should be put on probation with montioring tools – Just make them think twice. In this way a ten year sentence automatically becomes 15 year when the probabtion is added to the sentence. There are so many ways the criminals can be dealt with but we seem to have a PM who is more interested in scoring polical cheap points, a police commissioner who has no clue and Virginia Albert who looks more like a funeral director than a MP.

  6. It would be interesting to know whether the force is fully manned. If not, how many personnel are needed to bring it fully operational. Many officers staffing police stations should be reassigned to the streets and permit civilians to fill those positions. Overall, it would be cheaper and more effective. Those civilians would be heavily penalized for breach of privacy and operational security.

  7. The commissioner should never publicize his weaknesses, neither should he disclose of operations in advance. Don’t get those criminals any smarter. People can work with limited resources very effectively, depending on who is orchestrating the planning.

  8. I long for the day that former Bordelais Director Vern Garde is placed in this position to effect change and direction in the police force

    • Are you are sure you want that to happen? Never judge a book by the appearance of its cover. Just find out the truth from employees at that institution and you will understand the For King mess he created. Literally and otherwise. The RSLPF NEEDS better, so keep on looking and you might find someone with less baggage.

  9. “But we cannot sustain it” because your needs Mr. Desir comes first. Lack of forward thinking is destroying this police force and when officers ranks and pay check comes first don’t expect victory in the end. There are many criminals outsmarting the RSPLF already and your answer is we cannot sustain it.

    Our police need to know how to talk to people without being overreactive and maybe, your’ll will get clues from them. I’ve seen officers with many different jabals in their police vehicles while on duty and they couldn’t care less who see’s. Some officers need to exercise more, their stomachs out growing them, learn how to properly apprehend a criminal without just shot to kill. Until then Milton enjoy your hotels and all inclusives.

    • Talking about their stomach. They can’t even chase an ant.

      Also, during traffic checks they don’t even approach citizens with manners and respect. 🤮🤮

  10. May someone please tell me why is this guy still our police commissioner??? May be there is a very good reason let me know


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