Thursday, September 29, 2022

Desir Says Drugs In Container Probe Continuing

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Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, has told reporters that the probe into the discovery of a huge shipment of drugs in a shipping container on the compound of a business establishment in the North of the Island is ongoing.

Police made the discovery of the some two tons of drugs in April this year, but no one has yet been arrested.

Desir commented on the probe while responding to a reporter’s question as to whether investigators jumped the gun in not waiting for someone to pick up the drugs.

“I would say that we had investigations and I am certain that persons moved based on intelligence received,” was the Commissioner’s response.

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However, he disclosed that since it is an ongoing investigation, the police do not want to divulge details yet.

“As you know, it was not drugs found on a plantation or at somebody’s home. This is a container that came from far – they had stops; they had transshipments, so it involved a lot of investigation,” Desir explained.

Earlier this week a source familiar with the probe told St Lucia Times that investigators were trying to pinpoint one or more individuals who can be held criminally liable.

“It’s a complex investigation since no one was found near (the container) or attempting to access it,” the source explained.

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