Thursday, August 18, 2022

Desir Says He Will Not Tolerate Corruption In The RSLPF

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Saint Lucia’s Police Commissioner Milton Desir has signalled zero tolerance for corruption in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and has warned that officers who assist criminals will get immediate dismissal.

“That is one thing I am not tolerating in the force – it is corruption and I know Commissioners before me would tell me the same thing,” Desir told a news conference this week.
In this regard, he disclosed that an officer received marching orders for corruption in May.

“We have persons saying police are corrupt, but we must have the information to act upon it,” Desir told reporters.

And he warned that once officers give information to a criminal gang, he considers those cops are themselves criminals who do not deserve to be in the RSLPF.

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“Assisting criminals you would be dismissed immediately for that,” he stated.

At the same time, the Police Commissioner lauded hardworking officers who were giving their best on the job.

According to Desir, sometimes, off-duty officers must leave their homes, sometimes at midnight to respond to gunfire reports.

However, he observed that crime goes deeper than firing gunshots.

He spoke of the need to continue addressing social problems, including indiscipline, and the need for effective parenting, pointing out that some parents do not give children proper guidance.

In contrast, the Police Commissioner noted that parents who do find their children succumbing to negative influences.

In this regard, he disclosed that criminals are sponsoring school children.

“They lure them into doing whatever they are doing. Why go to school and spend eight hours on a bench when I could get my sneaker, whether it’s your Nike to go to work?” Desir told the news conference.

He explained those issues need addressing for a change to occur in Saint Lucia.

And Desir acknowledged the public outcry over crime in Saint Lucia.

“We are hearing the cry: ‘It is time now for you to act’. But it will not take one day to do it,” he asserted while noting that the RSLPF remains committed.

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  1. A police force always compromises of an investigative unit. CID – “Criminal Investigative Department.” Why does the police always rely on the public for all it’s information. The public is playing it’s part by supplying clues on social media. They the public would certainly do more if it wasn’t for fear that corrupt cops would sell them out, and thereby put their lives in danger. The problem therefore is with the police force . Where is their intelligence ? When cops are caught in corruption, they are just simply transferred to a new location. Immediate dismissal is not enough. This crime of treason deserves a harsher punishment.

  2. A foreigner came to this Island, obviously with no good intent, shoots a man dead in Gros Islet was arrested and locked up in Babonneau. Somehow or for some reason was permitted to escape, flew out and found himself back where he was wanted for the same thing. My question is, how did he get out of jail and who let him out and by whose orders? Is/are the Police on duty then, still on the job? if yes, then how and why? we are not asking for Angels in the force, we are asking for an honest answer, thats all.

  3. Then,at the evening sacrifice,I rose from myself abasement,and fell on my knees with my hand spread out to the LORD and prayed :
    “O my God,I am toooo ashamed and disgraced to lift my face to you,my God-
    Because our sins are higher than our heads and our guilt has breach to the heavens. From the days of our forefathers until now,our guilts has becomes great because of our sins,we,our pastors and leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness”.

    But now, for a brief moments,the LORD has been gracious in heaven, though we are slaves,our God had not (deserted us in bondage).
    The gracious hand of our God is on all who looks to him, but his fierce great anger is on all who forsake him.

  4. Says the man who met corruption there when he first became COP, nothing was done..he retired and came back on contract, and still nothing had been done……is he suggesting that he doesn’t know the corrupt officers and if he ever finds one, THEN he’ll do something?

  5. Any updated on the container of drugs the was in the yard up north with the alleged label “BRINGING VALUE HOME”.

  6. I like the sound of that Mr. Desir.

    Corrupt cops are enemies of the state just like corrupt politicians. Let’s weed them all out.

  7. What about the container of illegal drugs found in the Courts car park? There should be a trail. Tell me what become of it Desir.

  8. Mr Desir…just immediate dismissal of corrupt cops? Are you kidding Saint Lucians? Tell Saint Lucians that corrupt cops will face the full Force of the law with heavy fines and long prison terms for breaching their oath to serve the nation..for treason even…….not immediate dismissal…and to do what….? For the dismissed officer to join his accomplices in crime becoming even a greater nightmare to society…Jeeeezzz..I mean where are the visionaries and leaders of Saint Lucia? Incredible..just incredible…

  9. Start with the wealthiest business here where is the money being acquired from? The liquor store, clothing stores, , water business,meat shops,fast high end food restaurants,furniture stores! There’s a start! Also great idea to tap phones in the RSLPD! Also trackers on RSLPF vehicles.

  10. There’s Corruption at Customs .Politricktians and Other persons who are Employed with Government.The Ministfy of Infrastructure thats where Millions go in Contracts .Why the police always the Target .Politricktians have made Most St.Lucians ignorant

  11. Officers from the RSLPF are no more corrupt than persons in the wider society. You hypocrites, show me the institution in St Lucia which is free of corruption and I will agree that you are truly from Mars. As a society, we can’t expect to plant yams and when they get to the police force, harvest bananas. The police force will produce what we as a society plant. And sure we have sowed the seed of corruption over the past years. So I agree with Milton that he can only deal with corrupt officers when they are caught and when there is evidence to support the allegation, something that is not done by other organizations and institutions on the island.

    On the other hand, don’t you think the police want to be rich too. Apparently the example set by our leaders is to grab as much as you can as quickly as you can. But what happens to them – they wallow in riches, become millionaires overnight, the rags to reaches story, with no penalties. Since this is the order of the day, don’t you think that the officers wouldn’t want to live comfortably too, don’t you think that they wouldn’t want to aspire to become millionaires overnight, just like their leaders. Food for thought.

    I consider myself a very ethical individual but of late I sometimes I wonder whether all that thing about ethics and honesty are not means of keeping the poor down and forever struggling. I say this because some of the very persons preaching those values are the most corrupt in our society, yet we adore and respect them because of the wealth which they have acquired, the businesses they own and the comfortable lifestyle they can afford. Sometimes we even bestow the highest titles allowed upon them So don’t begrudge our corrupt officers, they just epitomize some of our leaders and wider society.

  12. There you go ladies and gentlemen this is our police commissioner. Honestly Milton you should just keep your mouth shut or before you go out and speak to the reporters please have an intelligent person write the statement for you and stick to it.

    We have persons saying police are corrupt, but we must have the information to act upon it,” EXCUSE ME….

    If you really want the information you can get it. You out of all people should know that any organization which deals with criminals needs an informant. So go sell your B&#%$$ somewhere else i am not buying it.

  13. Alot of talk Desir, catch the big fish and send discipline the little ones. Corruption starting in the SLRPF from the head. Say what you know not what people want to hear. You know exactly who is who right here in our sweet ste Lucia.

  14. I support you on that Mr. Commissioner. Thanks for the reassurance. On another note I must thank the men and women of the Royal St.lucia Police Force for working continuously to keep the public safe. Thank you

  15. Most of the SSU lime in the ghetto with the big bosses come on. Who you think telling them about the burst operations the police themself leak information they phone must be tap


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