Desir Says RSLPF Needs A K9 Unit

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has told reporters at a news conference attended by Prime Minister and Minister responsible for National Security, Philip J. Pierre, that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) needs a K9 Unit.

Desir told reporters that when the K9 Unit existed, it took part in 47 operations with a success rate of 63 percent.

“That success included firearms and cash also drugs. We had over $40,000 in just one operation being recovered by the unit. We also had nine firearms recovered by the unit and also an amount of drugs,” Desir explained.

“I think it is one of the tools needed especially now with everything that’s going on,” he told reporters.

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Desir’s comments follow this week’s revelation by Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire that the former United Workers Party (UWP) administration signed a $40,000 a month contract with a private interest for using two dogs by the RSLPF.

And Hilaire asserted that the police force has had dogs over the years at considerably less cost.

At the news conference, the Police Commissioner responded to a question regarding the status of the K9 Unit.

He indicated that he understood that a possible contract renewal was being awaited.

“From my understanding that this unit is we are awaiting for a renewal of probably its contract. But I don’t know because it is not within my power to renew it. The contract was not between the force and the unit,” the Police Commissioner stated.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre disclosed that the K9 Unit started in April 2021 through an agreement to provide dogs and dog handlers.

“The agreement was sent to us but we have to be prudent. We have not signed it. We haven’t said we will not sign it. It’s under consideration,” Pierre stated.


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  1. Can someone please tell me how many st lucians passports were sold under Mr Allen Chastanet.
    Will the K9 retrieve the money for the passports.

  2. What is wrong with this government? After reading Mr. Hilaire’s report and now this, it is a bundle of confusion. I guess now, PM Pierre will beg the dog owner/handler to reduce it to anything just to show that they won’t pay the $40,000.00 like the UWP did, even if it worth the cost. These guys are lost especially Hilaire.

  3. I appreciate your use of data to justify your request for a K9 unit. However, we need to know the cost of K9 operation. K9 unit will help the police but it is not the answer to escalation of violent crimes and illegal gun possession.

  4. NO SIR!!!! What the RSLPF needs is for you to get off your A$$ and start solving the crimes on the island we are tired of the all the talking and no action.


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