Desir Says Unless Saint Lucia Changes The Law, Ganja Arrests Will Continue

Acting Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, has made it clear that arrests for possession cultivation and use of ganja will continue, unless the law in Saint Lucia changes.

He made the comments to reporters Tuesday amid reports that the Allen Chastanet administration is taking significant steps towards decriminalising ganja.

“Our position remains the same,” Desir asserted.

“Until the law has been changed, it is an offence to cultivate and use marijuana, offer it for sale and so on,” he explained.

He made clear that police officers will act on the existing laws.

“When that has changed then we have no choice but to act according to the law,” Desir asserted.

He urged citizens to desist from breaking the laws regarding marijuana, even if decriminalising of the substance may be in the making.

Commerce Minister Bradley Felix told reporters Tuesday that at Monday’s cabinet meeting there was consensus regarding authorising his ministry and the Attorney General’s Chambers to draft the legislative and regulatory framework to assist in implementing a cannabis industry.

“That also included looking at personal use, religious use and medicinal use,” Felix stated.

The government point man on marijuana said the mandate also included looking at scientific research and setting up a licencing regime to govern the industry.

According to the minister, the Cabinet also requested that consideration be given to expunging records of people who have been arrested, charged and incarcerated for less than 30 grams, without having violence attached to it.



  1. Yes they can make the heated drug legal then who controls the shipping and everyday smoking in every home and building on lunch and all over the city ???

  2. …….yawwwn most Caribbean islands are beyond this part already long time as usual we are slower than molasses with everything we do; we know what all the uses can do what more “scientific research” do we need. As far as the licencing goes this is where people with deep pockets comes in especially those with vast amount of lands and disposable cash flow and squeeze out the little man who has took jail for it. Well I am determined to get a piece of this pie.

  3. First of all, the poor brother who has been languishing in prison need to be freed to return and raise his family. To be placed in bondage for having in your possession a small quantity, a ganja stick or some seeds is cruelty in itself.

  4. Am i missing something here?? In New York its legal to grow small amounts in your garden for your personal use!!!! I guess St. Lucia will change it’s laws in due course.

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