Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Desir To Criminals: ‘Your Journey Will End’

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir expressed confidence that the crime situation in Saint Lucia will be brought under control in a Christmas Message to the nation.

“To those committed to a lifestyle of criminality I say: ‘Your journey will end.’ I remain assured that as an organisation and as a people we are resolute. Crime can and will be controlled. In the interim let us safeguard ourselves, adhere to the precautionary measures build stronger community ties that foster an environment of neighbourhood security and become each other’s keeper,” Desir stated.

With Saint Lucia having chalked up a record in the number of homicides so far for the year, the Police Commissioner highlighted the need for better conflict resolution.

“This year’s incomparable homicide rate should serve as an eye-opener to all that not only our responses to situations should be reassessed, but our social interventions and support systems require significant augmenting. To those tempted by acts of criminality I ask that you seek out the existing aid programmes to develop skill sets to be more productive citizens,” Desir stated.

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In this regard he observed that every crime places this country further away from its development goals.

The Police Commissioner thanked all members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) for their commitment, declaring that 2021 has been a year of unique challenges – from the COVID-19 pandemic to increases in crime.

He said officers had demonstrated incomparable dedication to duty but acknowledged that the RSLPF’s efforts would be futile without public support.

Desir expressed his gratitude and asked the public for their continued support of RSLPF initiatives.

“We each have our part to play. None can succeed without the other’s engagement,” the Police Commissioner noted.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Disgraced ! Confusion !
    Discouragement and Division !
    Let us not allow what we consider good to be spoken of evil that causes division !
    What do we prefer,then ?
    Shouldn’t we rather have filled with grief and band together,allied with corruption that brings miseries ????
    Who will rise up for me against the wicked ?
    Who will take a stand with me against the evildoers ? Unless the LORD has given me help :
    The deeds of the faithless men you hate ;they will not cling to you,men of pervers heart shall be far from you ; who slanders their neigbor in secret.

    Every morning I will put to silence
    all the wicked in the land ;
    I will cut off every evildoers
    from the city of God.

  2. Just like your retirement clock is ticking too. Most useless commissioner ever. You as commissioner and nothing are practically the same. No strategy only a hard face that’s politically driven. But never fear St Lucia, the right person will end up in that commissioner’s seat and that person will get that job done. It will not be pretty, it will be brutal but necessary. Mr Desir quitting whilst you’re ahead ( you’re not let’s get that straight) is not the same as quitting.

  3. I just don’t understand why the police have to tell the criminals their plans to fight them, when they don’t tell anyone their plans?

  4. Yeh right Desir!…to do dat you need to start with Kimberly DeLeon’s investigation or else STFU!

  5. If it’s Christmas, then it must be time to blow the dust off those old speech papers.
    Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.

  6. Let is be an eye opener to u a**hole…u hv a set of lazy bastards eating lucian money and call yall self police.after all dem shots fire in vf.yall coming more than a month later and taking the yutes bikes.they wasn’t firing motorbikes ur job

  7. Worst commissioner ever. Clueless! If you ask me. Your legacy Sir will be one of the highest crime rate ever to be recorded in St Lucia. But then did we expect anything better from a political appointee and operative, who got the job, certainly not based on merit. To date, we are still waiting for your crime plan – for be who fails to plan, plans to fail. So tell me how did you expect to control crime without a well thought out and documented plan? That’s what happens when square pegs are placed in round holes. I hope PIP brings this saga to a quick end for we Lucians surely deserve better from a Commissioner. Controlling crime is all our business but it takes a committed police force and a competent police commissioner / leader to set the path. Sad to say Mr. clueless is none of the above. That’s what happens when politicians see only through their political lenses.

  8. What a joke. When people do not have any solutions they speak like this. How many times you keep uttering these same words. Keep warning until you retire for the second time.

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