Desir Urges Police Officers To Be Vigilant Amid Threats To Their Safety

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir, asserting that he takes threats against law enforcement very seriously, urged police officers to be vigilant during remarks this week at the Commissioner’s 2022 Parade.

“Every situation differs and would require different responses,” Desir pointed out.

“Where there’s a need to use force, act within the ambit of the law,” he advised, adding that officers’ actions will come under scrutiny.

“Wwhen you are out there you need to have a sense of safety. Be vigilant, protect your life -iIt’s yours. Protect your lives and the lives of others including the officers and the general public,” the Police Commissioner told his audience.

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Desir explained that in so doing, officers should bear the RSLPF’s ‘Use of Force Policy’ in mind.

And he declared that once police officers act within the law, they will continue to have his full support and the support of the RSLPF executive.

Desir explained it was not business as usual as he called on force members to be safe.

“We see videos, WhatsApp messages – we see photos of firearms….or what appear to be firearms on social media .So I implore every police officer and concerned citizen to stand up against gun violence and violence in general for a safer Saint Lucia,” he stated.

Desir observed that as he spoke, Saint Lucia had recorded 35 homicides.

But he recalled attending a conference of Police Commissioners in the Bahamas, where there were reports that most countries are experiencing a crime surge since the COVID-19 pandemic due to the global economic situation.

Nevertheless, the top cop said the trend is no excuse for criminals to perpetuate their unlawful activities.

In this regard, Desir said the police would continue to take action to deal with crime, collaborating with key agencies and stakeholders.

He also observed that the government had provided resources which he urged officers to put to good use.

 Desir told this week’s ceremony that the RSLPF had recorded ‘some good successes ‘through planned operations’ and mobile and foot patrols in strategic locations resulting in the seizure of unlicenced firearms, ammunition, and drugs.

And he said the police would continue to make their presence felt.


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  1. I suppose during ORC when those lawless criminals entered the b us iness establishment with firearms and the people In there were fortunate that the law men were there to rescue them and chase those criminals were they had to shoot at them it was not justified. All people like you that crucified those poor police officers for promotion. The best police commissioner we ever had I. The name of mr Francois had to leave so you could get where you are. Taking out a highly educated man to replace him with who. If Vernon Francois was still the commissioner I bet you the police force would have been different and we would have less crime. Police officers knows who you are and they will never give you the respect t they gave Francois not even the public will. In this life we pay for what we do and until we do things right we will always carry the burden if our consequences. The respect those officers involve in Orc is something you will never get from the public. Cry wolf , victimize, plead it is what it is and god is not asleep but watching. Lucian’s are no longer ignorant like you all take us to be. Make it right mr commission in terms of rightful promotion and all and don’t victimize so god can deal right with you. Remember when we do not pay for it our children, grandchildren pay for it. Sins of the parents. Evil last only for a while as god eventually prevails with time and patience. Peace and love


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