Desir Warns Against Obstructing Cops After ‘Peacemaker’ Officer Injured

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir has issued a warning to citizens against obstructing cops engaged in carrying out their lawful duties.

The warning came after reports that an off duty Special Police Constable was attacked and injured while trying to break up a fight in Vieux Fort.

The officer has been identified as Dennis Serieux who is attached to the Bicycle Patrol of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in Castries.

Serieux was rushed to hospital by ambulance following the attack on Sunday evening and has since been discharged.

“There have been reports that this officer was in fact involved in a fight,” Acting Police Commissioner Desir told reporters on Friday.

But Desir said a preliminary investigation shows that he went to try to make peace in an ongoing matter.

According to the Acting Police Chief, members of the public have a duty to assist officers in ‘addressing situations’.

But he warned that citizens should not  obstruct the officers or prevent them from carrying out their lawful duties.


  1. Some of these Lucians are seriously uneducated, disrespectful and ignorant. They will not last one second in a civilized society ..

    • People will do what “they can get away with.” If the laws are lax, then they tend to do more negative things. Many times those idiots travel to Martinique and more disciplined countries only to find themselves in hot water. They learn that the crap that passes for normal here, is quite different. Many have the mindset that poor rates of apprehension here, translates to the same over there.

    • All the Fishermen Locations in St.Lucia Have the Most ignorant persons who make Threats Insult one another every Minute of the Day ..illegal activities and Drug Trafficking also .The police Officer Should have Called for assistance Because it Could have been a Set up against the police.The police officer will Learn from that Mistake a Dead Hero is no Hero .police officers work in pairs .Off Duty and Fighting you call for assistance .I am.sure there must have been more than 20Persons around who did Nothing to assist the police nor Seperated the Persons involved

  2. These Locatins in St .Lucia is the Head.Quarters for Ignorant men and Women .Drug Trafficking .Illegal Activities and Insulting and Obscene Language .The police officer will Learn from that call for Assistance a Dead Hero is no Hero .It could have been a Set up against the police Officer

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