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Desir Warns ‘Bad Men’ After Cops Kill Markin Marquis

Saint Lucia’s Acting Police Commissioner has sounded a warning to self-proclaimed ‘Bad Men’ that his officers will not take threats against them lightly.

Milton Desir made the remarks Thursday after escaped prison inmate Markin Marquis, alias ‘Road Block’, was shot dead by police officers Wednesday night on the Dennery beach.

Law enforcement officials say they received information that  murder suspect Marquis was planning to leave Saint Lucia by boat.

It was reported that he was armed at the time he was confronted by the police.

“That is not what we would want,” Acting Commissioner Desir said in relation to the shooting death of the wanted man.

However he made clear that all others who claim to be ‘Bad Men’ and openly threaten police officers will be dealt with ‘accordingly.

Desir explained that from all indications, Marquis  himself was claiming to be a bad man.

According to Desir, the deceased had sent threats to police officers, prison officers and members of the public who were witnesses in his criminal case and the cases of his friends.

The senior police officer expressed the view that the deceased was determined to carry out his threats.

“In apprehending him he was armed – that would prove his intentions,” Desir told St Lucia Times.

Marquis was arrested in December last year in connection with the shooting death of Bruceville, Vieux Fort resident Lyndon George, 27 the month before.

George was shot in the head while at a dance hall in the community where he resided.

Acting Commissioner Desir praised members of the public for supporting the police, applauding them for the information they have been sharing with law enforcement officers.

Earlier this week Desir has issued what was clearly a grim warning to persons who try to enter this country illegally by boat from neighbouring Islands amid the current COVID-19 crisis.

He made it clear that police could not guarantee their ‘safe arrest’.

The Acting Police Chief suggested that people were free to interpret his remarks.





  1. He got his highway blocked in prison and his escape blocked outed. Road block indeed. Let’s work on taking out a few more of them.

  2. Let them Belive they can Commit Murder and Get away with it .Those on Remand for Murder can Escape the police will Arrest them for Escaping Lawful Custody .

  3. Excellent job Commisioner Desir. You are making st Lucia safe again. We will continue to support you all the way. We needed that leadership. Well done.

  4. As much as i have no quiery on the outcome of this douchebag….i must add that the police are the baddest boys and biggest organised gang…they get away with everything wrong or right…the cop who killed ******** is just as bad as roadblock…i think he’s even worst cuz roadblock killed a so called enemy but the cop killed the **** and ****** ** *** ********..if only Desir and them could have serve him the same deliverance but that won’t happen cuz they one big family ****together.

  5. I am applaud you Mr. Commissioner with this statement. Officers need your support and the support of the hierarchy in the lawful execution of their duties.
    I am so proud of you

  6. I could never understand the mind of a criminal… the result always ends with you dying before your time why not just get a job and work hard to improve your life?

  7. Mr Commissioner was Makim really armed ?if so where is the evidence ?tell us what was he armed with ,why did the police not conduct servailance to see who was picking him up ,where is the evidence to prove that he was about to travel , its the same style as Miguel he was shot to death in the marina and your excuse he was armed and about to board a boat to go to martinique

    • Nexus, go to hell with your questions. Notice the vast majority of us don’t care about these questions.
      We have one pertinent question: Where was Makim suppose to be at the time he was shot? Dennery beach or Bordelaise?

    • The News Media can do us a big favor by not publishing all comments. That freedom to write is not freedom to get publicized.

  8. Commissioner Desir
    you escaped prison shooting you is the best thing
    we haveCOVID-19 crisis we don’t want convicts-20 crisis
    The warning to persons who try to enter this country illegally
    by boat from neighbouring Islands amid the current COVID-19 crisis.
    we should be shooting them

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